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What Matcha Recipe Should You Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


What Matcha Recipe Should You Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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What Matcha Recipe Should You Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s the versatility for me…

Matcha’s been around for centuries, and throughout those centuries, creative people have been experimenting with all the ways to enjoy matcha. There’s the classic matcha with just hot water and matcha, but that’s just the beginning. These days all the matcha recipes out there can be overwhelming. Matcha lattes, matcha donuts, even matcha jelly. How are you supposed to decide which new matcha recipe to try next? 

Your Zodiac sign, duh. 

Here are new matcha recipes to try, based on your Zodiac sign. Once you’ve conquered your sun sign, you might as well just move onto your moon sign. And if you’re a Virgo, we know you that you’re going to work your way through your entire star chart anyways to check off all the boxes, so just enjoy the ride. 


Honor the Duality within you and whip up a Matcha Green Eye. You’ll get the jolt of coffee for a kick in the pants and the soothing, energy of matcha for a calming continuation. 



matcha whipped coffee

Whip up a frothy Whipped Matcha Latte for your friend as a peace offering. You can be abrasive at times, but that steamy latte will do wonders to soothe those wounds. 



matcha ice cream


You’re gonna want to indulge in something as sweet and soft as you. We recommend soothing and delicious Lavender Matcha Ice Cream to honor the tenacious Cancerian inside you. 



matcha recipe

You can be a little bougie sometimes, but only in the best ways. This Matcha and Rose Blossomed Iced Latte pays tribute to both your kind energy and occasionally materialistic side. 



matcha healthy recipe

You like to get a little weird, and so does this recipe. This Matcha Papaya and Coconut Jello Smoothie may not be your everyday matcha experience, but taking a walk on the wild side is so you. 



Although you’re known for your gentle, compassionate side, it’s time to honor the artist within you. Fuel your creative processes with this beautiful and stunning Pink Matcha Dream. 



You’re reliable. You’re practical. And you’re consistent. Serve up this Iced Matte Latte to satisfy the well-grounded soul inside you. It’s simple, easy, and tasty. 



matcha smoothie

It’s time for a treat that’s just as dramatic and passionate as you are. And for that, look no further than the Cosmo and Wanda Matcha drink. 



bubble tea recipe

You’re hardworking and practical so you’ll need a drink that leaves nothing to chance. This endlessly cool Matcha Bubble Tea requires the attention-to-detail you invest in your everyday life and is sure to taste absolutely delicious. 



A Sweet & Sour Matcha Latte achieves the same perfect balance that makes you so kind and gracious. Fair to both sides, this drink is the perfect thing to share with friends and family. 



matcha dessert recipe

If you want a matcha experience that’s as bold and assertive as you are, a Minty Matcha Shake is just the thing. Bold and refreshing peppermint kicks the usually understated flavor of matcha into overdrive, making it endlessly refreshing. 



matcha kit

You don’t need some complicated recipe tying you down in the kitchen.  Instead, we recommend an Active Matcha kit so that you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you’re out there, exploring the world. 



matcha pudding

This Mango & Coconut Chia pudding is just as ambitious as you are. It’s a healthy treat that requires a little extra time to prepare, but we know your self-disciplined mind will relish in this task.

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