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  • Our bulk matcha program is specifically geared toward producing and supplying the highest quality bulk matcha green tea powder for the lowest price.

  • Manufactured by 12th generation Japanese green tea master with 400 years of matcha making history in his family.

  • Our matcha ranges from high-quality USDA organic ceremonial matcha, down to conventional culinary matcha.

  • We create proprietary matcha grades for you and your team.

  • Quality Documentation such as COAs, Spec Sheets, Certifications & Nutritionals available upon request.

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The full Tenzo Starter Kit complete with Teaspoon scooper, Air-tight bamboo matcha canister, Bamboo matcha whisk (chasen), Porcelain whisk stand, & POP marketing materials

Tenzo’s First-Time Order Kit that comes free with your first purchase:

  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk

  • Porcelain Whisk Stand

  • Air-Tight Bamboo Wholesale Matcha Canister

  • Tenzo Shaker Bottle with measurements for fast & efficient matcha batching in wholesale settings

  • Barista Matcha Training Manual

  • Tenzo Matcha Wholesale Marketing Materials

  • Free, domestic shipping on all orders under 10kgs (forever)

Graph displaying daily profitability by number of matcha lattes sold each day! Very Profitable!

Logistics & Economics

  • Adding matcha to your menu gives your business a lucrative, high-ticket item that is on trend & growing quickly in the United States.

  • Matcha is easier and faster to make than espresso-based drinks. There’s no roasting, weighing or grinding of beans, no shot-pulling, no waste.

  • All you need to do to make the perfect matcha latte is either whisk, shake or blend 1 tsp of Tenzo matcha into 2 oz water. Then, replace the espresso shot with your Tenzo matcha shot in the latte-making process you already have set up.

  • Many of our bulk matcha partners use Tenzo matcha as an easy add on & upcharge to their current recipes as well. The most popular add-on is a Matcha shot added to an espresso-based latte. We call this The Green Eye. It provides the customer with a quick boost of energy from the espresso and long-lasting uplifting energy from the matcha while providing the business owner with a $7 - $9 ticket.

  • Take a look at the graph below to see how matcha makes customers feel differently than coffee & espresso.

Ready to Get Started?

Graph depicting how Coffee Jolts you awake, then leaves you to crash, while Tenzo Matcha provides clean long lasting energy

Less Caffeine, More Energy

Sound impossible? Think again! The natural l-theanine in Tenzo matcha calms your mind and body while absorbing caffeine. This makes the drinker feel like they’re getting a boost of extended energy for 4-6 hours. So, although Tenzo wholesale matcha contains more caffeine than most matchas, it provides a steady increase in energy and focus without sudden spikes or crashes like you & your customers may have experienced with coffee and energy drinks.

Check out a quick overview of the Health Benefits of matcha below.

Health Benefits

2/3 the caffeine of Coffee

2/3 the caffeine of


Rich in l-theanine & antioxidants

Rich in l-theanine &


Reduces mental and physical stress

Reduces mental and

physical stress

Boost Immune System

Boost immune


Reduces bad cholesterol

Reduces bad


Boosts metabolism and burns fat

Boosts metabolism

and burns fat

Improves Memory



Reduces Inflammation



Suppresses Appetite



Our Wholesale Matcha Products

Bright Green Organic Ceremonial Matcha Powder
Bright Green Organic Ceremonial Matcha Powder

USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade

  • Handpicked, De-veined, De-stemmed

  • First Flush (our farmers only use the youngest, most nutrient-rich leaves from the ceremonial matcha harvest each year).

  • Best used in high-quality, matcha-flavored CPG SKUs, lattes, teas, cocktails & premium desserts, but can also be used for a variety of other products that require a USDA organic certification as well.

Vibrant Green Matcha Green Tea Powder

Conventional Premium Grade

  • Handpicked, De-veined, De-stemmed

  • Second Flush (our farmers only use the youngest, most nutrient-rich leaves from the summer matcha harvest each year).

  • Best used in high-quality lattes, teas, cocktails & premium desserts, but can also be used for a variety of other products that do not require a USDA organic certification as well.

Paleo, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified CertificationsPaleo, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified Certifications


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4 delicious-looking matcha green teas - freshly made


You probably know a few people who say they don’t like matcha green tea… Of course, some people out there naturally won’t like the taste of green tea, but the reality is that most have not had a great matcha experience, and even fewer had a great first impression with matcha.

Think about it, if you tried something for the first time and didn’t have a good experience, you’d probably never go back. On the contrary, if you had an incredible experience with a new product, you’d probably want to have that experience over and over again - and the better the experience, the more frequently you’d want it.

At Tenzo, we feel as though it’s our responsibility to provide the best matcha wholesale experience possible for our partners and their customers. That way, each new customer that tries Tenzo for the first time at one of our wholesale partner locations, they will want to come back for another healthy, energizing cup of Tenzo matcha, time and time again. There are many factors that go into providing a truly great matcha wholesale experience, though, so here’s a breakdown if you want to learn more.

Difference in color and description between Culinary, Premium & Ceremonial Matchas


When it comes to making delicious matchas, the most important part is to ensure the matcha powder itself is high-quality. This is because there are many low-quality matchas on the market posing as high-quality matchas. Unfortunately, since matcha is a relatively new product in the United States, there is no official, unified grading scale for rating the qualities of matchas like there are for coffee & wine. For example, you can’t walk into a store and ask for a 90+ point matcha for an upcoming special event, so it’s important to be able to distinguish high-quality from low-quality matchas to know what you’re getting for your money.


Friends enjoying delicious, bright-green matchas at a local cafe


High-quality matchas taste great on their own and do not need added sweeteners or other ingredients to make them taste amazing. They naturally have a slightly sweet front with a well-rounded, bright umami, and clean finish. And the best part is, they don’t come with a nasty lingering aftertaste. High quality matchas also have a smooth, buttery texture and are easily identified by their vibrant, bright green color. They also have more caffeine and L-theanine than lower quality matchas, so the consumer will get a stronger & longer-lasting boost of energy, mood & focus in comparison with lower quality matchas.

High quality matcha on the left, Low - quality matchas on the right


Low-quality matchas are cheap, but they're bitter, astringent, & fishy and usually have grainy, chalky textures and dull-green or yellowish-brown coloring. Because of low-quality matcha green tea powders, we see super-sweetened & artificially colored, Starbucks-style matcha lattes all over the place. It makes sense because the cafe operator wants to provide the new product to their customers but knows the matcha itself does not taste good unless it has a bunch of sugar & other additives mixed in. The thing is, if you use higher-quality matcha, you won't have to use nearly as much matcha, and won't need any additives, so your latte ends up being the same cost at the end of the day, but one obviously tastes much better and is much healthier!


The next most important factor after the powder quality itself is how the matcha latte is prepared because even with high-quality matcha powder as your base, errors can be made that cause bad matcha experiences. Look below to find a brief overview of our barista training guide for our matcha wholesale partners. It helps our clients ensure an amazing matcha experience for every customer!



The Tenzo shot is the key to making all matcha drinks. You can think of a Tenzo shot like a shot of espresso, but it’s bright green and comes loaded with health benefits and doesn’t go bad in a matter of seconds.

The Tenzo shot is made by thoroughly mixing 1 tsp (2 grams) of Tenzo matcha into 1-2oz water using a bamboo matcha whisk (traditionally called a chasen in Japanese culture), a Tenzo matcha shaker bottle, or a blender. The way you mix your matcha is less important than how well you mix your matcha. The mixer should always ensure that there are absolutely no clumps left in the matcha before finishing the mixing process. This is because matcha powder does not dissolve like sugar or salt, rather, the fine particles of the matcha powder mix into the water and remain suspended there for some time, but then will eventually settle to the bottom as gravity takes hold. The higher-quality the matcha, however, the less settling will occur. Lower-quality matchas tend to have larger pieces of particulate that cause more settling and clumpiness than finely ground ceremonial and premium matchas.

The Green Ratio aka The Tenzo Shot Basics


The first step in mixing up matcha is to make sure you have the proper equipment. Grab a round bottom bowl, 2 oz of warm of cold water (180 degrees or less, so we don’t burn the delicate matcha) - depending on if you want your drink hot or cold, your bamboo matcha whisk, a measuring tsp, and your Tenzo matcha powder. Add 2 oz water to the bottom of the bowl to start, then toss the teaspoon of tenzo matcha powder onto the top of the water. Use the bristles of the whisk to push the matcha powder clumps down into the water. Once they are all submerged, hold the bowl steady with one hand and use the other to mix the matcha powder with the whisk, moving it back and forth quickly as if to rapidly draw “M’s and W’s” on the bottom of the bowl with the whisk. After mixing back and forth quickly for 10-30 seconds, you should have a perfectly made Tenzo matcha shot. You will know when it’s done because a frothiness will form on the top of the matcha shot and there will be no clumps remaining in the bowl. This shot is ready to be served as a shot on its own, you can add it to water for tea, or milk for a latte.


The Tenzo shaker bottle is the perfect way to batch bulk matcha into shots. It has measurements up the side and a metal agitator in the middle which mixes matcha powder perfectly and allows you to speed up your matcha making process without sacrificing quality.

To begin, determine how many matcha shots you’d like to make (this will most likely come from your average number of matchas sold daily). You’ll want to start with 2 oz water for every matcha shot, so if you want to make 5 matcha shots for 5 matcha lattes, start with 10oz water (room temperature) in the shaker bottle. Then, scoop 1 tsp Tenzo matcha green tea powder into the shaker for every matcha shot you want to make. So, for 5 matcha shots, add five level teaspoons of Tenzo matcha powder to the shaker. Close the lid (and do a double check to make sure it’s closed tightly - we don’t want you to throw bright green matcha all over).

Next, shake the shaker vigorously for 10-15 seconds or until there are no clumps left (you’ll be able to see leftover clumps on the walls of the shaker). Now, you have 5 perfectly mixed matcha shots ready for your 5 matcha lattes that need to go out. Each 2 oz shot you pour contains a full serving of Tenzo matcha that contains lots of antioxidants, l-theanine & about 72mg of caffeine.

Note: shots made and stored in the shaker bottle should be made fresh daily and not kept overnight. Once mixed into water, matcha green tea powder will oxidize over time, causing it to lose its vibrant color & delicious flavor.

Prep Many Matcha Shots at once in the Tenzo Shaker Bottle
Iced matcha icon


Iced Matcha Tea how to
Iced Matcha Latte How To
Iced Green Eye How To

What are the most popular iced matcha drinks customers will request?

When serving matcha at your business, most of your iced drink requests will be for iced matcha lattes (80%+) and the remainder will be for iced matcha teas & iced Green Eyes (matcha + milk + espresso). Luckily, iced matcha drinks are easy to make using hot water and a whisk in a round bowl, and are especially easy to make in the shaker bottle with room temperature or cold water.


Grab a cup for iced drinks (usually 16oz) and add the same amount of ice as you would for an espresso-based latte. Pour the milk of choice over the ice (about 80% full with just enough room for the shot on top), then pour the matcha shot directly over the top so that it cascades down creating a beautiful display of white and green. Top with vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, white chocolate, or turmeric for new delicious created to try.

Your matcha is unsweetened - when should we add sweeteners when customers ask?

When adding a sweetener to iced matcha drinks, mix the sweetener into the matcha shot or the milk in the beginning, that way you won’t need to pour clumpy honey/agave on top of your iced drink.

How can you make many matcha lattes at once?

To make multiple matcha lattes at once, make a matcha shot & pour a cup of iced milk (milk preferences of customers will vary) for each latte required. Pour a Tenzo matcha shot over the top of each cup of iced milk. You can confidently make and pour many matcha shots at once using Tenzo Matcha Shaker Bottles. There is an agitator in the bottom that mixes matcha easily and measurements up the side to ensure consistency with each drink.

How can we make many matcha tea at once?

For iced teas, get a cup full of ice, add water (about 80% full with just enough room for the matcha shot on top) then pour the matcha shot directly over the top so that it bleeds down into the water. It should distribute quite evenly on its own, but sometimes you’ll want to give it a quick swirl after putting the lid on.

Can we make other drinks by adding matcha shots to them?

This same process works perfectly when adding matcha shots to almost any iced beverage. Take a matcha lemonade, for example: grab a cup for iced-drinks, add ice, then lemonade to about 80%, then add the matcha shot over the top and give it a swirl to finish it off.


(Instagram-ability is a real thing these days)

When making an iced Green Eye look pretty (matcha latte with an added espresso shot), you’ll need a clear glass or plastic to-go cup. Add ice first almost all the way to the top. Next, prep the ingredients: mix matcha shot, pull espresso shot and make sure your milk of choice is ready to pour. As you pour, it is important to make sure to separate the espresso (brown) and matcha (green) with milk (white) in between. There’s a little controversy with this next part, so let me explain… We like to start with espresso first, then add milk, then pour the matcha shot on top. You can also start by pouring the matcha shot first, then add milk, then espresso on top, but remember: both options work, the main goal is to separate the green matcha and brown espresso with white milk so when they bleed together it looks awesome. The coffee fanatics will tell you the espresso gets shocked when hitting the cold ice and loses its proper flavor. They recommend adding milk first or matcha first. But, if you add milk first, then espresso, then matcha, it makes everything mix together and will look muddy, losing its Instagram-ability. If you add matcha first, it will immediately settle on the bottom and will be hard to mix in later. This makes it difficult to enjoy the drink after the photo & also doesn’t look as good as having the bright green matcha on top (in our opinion). So, pick your poison if you’re going for Instagrammability - the flavor and efficacy of the drink will be there, either way! Pro tip: Pour each ingredient slowly, and keep your pouring hand close to the top of the cup so the separate ingredients don’t mix together completely.

Hot Matcha latte icon


Frothy hot matcha Tea how-to
Hot matcha latte how-to
Hot Green Eye how to

What are the most popular hot matcha drinks customers will request?

Similarly to the iced drinks, the majority of your hot matcha beverages will be hot matcha lattes or matcha latte variations with vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric or other added flavors (80%+). Hot matcha teas and green eyes are common as well.

Is it better to make hot matcha drinks with a bowl & whisk or a shaker?

For hot matcha drinks use the round bottom bowl, whisk and hot water (under 180 degrees) to make your matcha shot for best results. For quickest preparation time, use the shaker bottle with room temperature water.

How should we make hot matcha lattes?

To start, grab the mug or to-go cup you’ll be serving in. If it’s a round-bottom mug that you can mix in using the whisk, then add the hot water to the mug, add 1 tsp Tenzo matcha & mix it thoroughly using the bamboo whisk to make your matcha shot. If you’re pouring into a narrow-bottom cup/mug like a standard 12oz hot to-go cup, it’s much easier to pre-make your shot using the shaker bottle or in a round-bottom bowl, & pour it into the bottom of the cup pre-mixed because, unless you have very small hands, it’s difficult to get enough space to mix in the bottom of hot to-go cups.

Your matcha is unsweetened - when should we add sweeteners when customers ask?

Once the matcha shot is added to the cup or mug, mix in sweeteners or flavorings then steam up your milk of choice. Pour the steamed milk over the top of the matcha shot and create the best latte artwork you can. The sweeteners or flavorings should mix in just fine in hot matcha lattes, but you can always give it a quick swirl if you want to make sure.

How do you make a hot matcha tea in just water?

If you’re making a matcha hot tea in just water, think of this like an americano and use the hot water (less than 180 degrees) as a base and pour the matcha shot over the top. Adding sweeteners/flavoring to this is super easy because they’ll dissolve and mix in quickly in the hot liquid.

How do you make a hot green eye and make it look awesome? (Instagram-ability is a real thing these days)

For a hot Green Eye (matcha latte with added espresso), there are two popular ways to make it. The first is to make a matcha shot and pull an espresso shot. Pour them both into the bottom of the mug/to-go cup side by side (don’t mix them together). Steam up your milk of choice and pour it over the top of the two shots. If you kept the two shots semi-separate in the mug, you’ll get a beautiful display of vibrant green and earthy browns in your latte art. If they mixed together too much beforehand, your green eye will come out looking a little muddy, so try to pour them gently in the beginning #forthegram. The second way to pour a hot green eye is to steam up the milk with matcha powder added to the milk. Most steamers are strong enough to mix the powder thoroughly and many skip the matcha mixing step when they make these all together because the steamer does the heavy lifting for them. This process produces bright green milk that is poured directly over the top of an espresso shot making a beautiful contrast of the brown and green, which is very unique because no white milk will be visible.


We love to encourage others to try new matcha green tea recipes. Our partners and communi-tea members have gotten extremely creative in the past and it make our jobs SO MUCH FUN!


Do not leave clumps in your matcha latte

Do not use a metal whisk, fork or spoon to try and mix your matcha. This usually leads to lots of matcha powder clumps being left in the drink and the customer experience becomes something similar to a cinnamon challenge (i.e. attempting to swallow 1 spoonful of cinnamon without any water). We can all agree: nobody wants that experience when they order a matcha latte.

Do not wait for pure matcha green tea powder to dissolve in water (or even assume it can), because it never will! Pure matcha powder is ground green tea leaves which means there are actually small particles of leaves suspended in the liquid! You may have heard or thought matcha dissolves because other matcha powders do, but this is actually just the sugar & other additives in other matchas that dissolve in the water, not the matcha itself.

Do not use boiling water (or any liquids above 180 degrees Fahrenheit) because high heat will damage matcha - especially high-quality matcha. Unfortunately, if you burn matcha powder, it becomes bitter, astringent, and can lose its vibrant color along with its delicious flavor - and nobody wants burnt, bitter matcha!

Do not use a regular old spoon to measure your matcha because a little bit goes a long way. Always stick to the green ratio of 2 oz water or less to 1 tsp Tenzo’s pure matcha green tea powder. This will keep your matcha shots smooth & consistent without clumps while ensuring each customer gets the boost of energy, antioxidants, and calming l-theanine that they want and need! It will also ensure that costs remain consistent, which is obviously very important for every business owner..

Last but not least, & for the 7th time, please Do not serve clumpy matcha! No one likes it, no one wants it, so let's not make ‘em that way. Use the right tools and the green ratio above to make sure your customers have a great experience with their matcha at your business!

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