The Zen Way of Life

The Zen Way of Life

by Robbie Page August 11, 2017

Life is insane.

But there’s a simple way to live a pure life filled with light, love and happiness

It all starts from within.

Zen is simple. Zen is pure. Zen is a total state of focus where the mind and body are able to work together as one. Zen practice is a direct expression of our true nature. The ability to live a life unaffected by the stressors and problems outside of our mind.

Meditation helps us understand our own mind. And in doing so it transforms our thoughts from negative to positive, disturbed to peaceful, and unhappy to happy.

There’s no reason to try to control your thoughts. Don’t try to stop your thinking. Let it stop by itself. If something comes into your mind, let it come in and let it go out.

When you try to stop your thinking it means that you are bothered by it. Do not be bothered by anything. Nothing outside your mind has any real effect.

The waves in your mind are simply waves in your mind. If you are not bothered by the waves in your mind, they will gradually become smaller and smaller.

Every time you take a sip of organic matcha, recognize it as part of your meditation practice.

Drink and take in a deep breath of mental clarity and peace. Let it build your love for the world and the happiness that radiates from your soul.

And then go out and share your newfound positive vibes with the rest of the world :)

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Robbie Page
Robbie Page


Robbie is a matcha man. He grew to be 7 feet tall due in large part to the outrageous amount of green tea he drank as a kid. Now he loves to share his tips and tricks for the healthiest energy on the planet.

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