Is Matcha the Healthiest Drink on the Planet?

Is Matcha the Healthiest Drink on the Planet?

by Steve O'Dell November 16, 2016

With Tenzo Matcha, it's easy to be healthy.

It is well documented that green tea is the healthiest drink on the planet (if you don't believe me, you can ask google here). For those who are familiar with green tea, you'll know that it's loaded with healthy nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and caffeine. If you're unfamiliar - start with our post "What is Matcha"

So now you may be wondering - what's the difference between matcha and green tea? Isn't matcha just green tea? The answer is YES. Matcha is green tea. However, it's fundamentally different from how you've been drinking green tea before. We explained that matcha is powdered, so you are literally ingesting all the natural nutrients from the tea leaves. 

This results in a major difference in the amount of nutrients you receive.

Matcha may reduce the risk of cancer cell growth*, improve heart health*, reduce inflammation and the onset of arthritis*, burn calories*, improve cholesterol*, limit the invasion and growth of viruses and bacteria*, prevent brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases*.

There you have it. Green tea is the healthiest plant in the world, and Tenzo Tea is the healthiest drink on the planet


Tenzo Matcha Green Tea The Healthiest Drink on the Planet.

Model: Haleigh Cox 

Photographer: Ryan Redira 

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Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell


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