Tenzo's Matcha Green Tea


Tenzo’s Matcha Green Tea provides the perfect boost of energy with just the right amount of caffeine. The green tea leaf naturally contains caffeine, but most of the good stuff is lost when you steep green tea in a bag. Tenzo’s matcha green tea is blended directly with water allowing you to consume the entire leaf, and unlock it’s full potential . No more tea bags, no more fiddling with a tea strainer. Whisk, shake or blend your matcha green tea with water …. It’s that easy!

Matcha Green Tea Natural Energy


Matcha green tea knows how to pick the lock on your fat cells and drain them away for good. The caffeine and antioxidants work together to boost your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn each day. For best results it is recommended to consume 2 glasses of matcha green tea per day - one before lunch and one before dinner.

Matcha Green Tea Lose Weight


Matcha green tea has the highest antioxidant rating of all major super foods. A rare and powerful antioxidant found in green tea, called EGCg, helps you lose weight, promotes brain health and helps to strengthen your immune system by protecting your cells from viruses and bacteria. This super molecule also neutralizes free radicals in your body and fight against cancer. All of this in one drink .. Pretty cool right?

Matcha Green Tea Healthy Choice

Tenzo's Matcha Green Tea

Tenzo provides an exceptional blend of matcha green tea by working directly with top green tea farmers in Japan. Tenzo’s matcha is hand picked, steam dried and stone ground to a fine powder to preserve it’s emerald color and umami flavor. We recommend starting with Tenzo’s Matcha Premium if you’re interested in brewing up a perfect matcha green tea or latte.

Customer Testimonials

“This is the BEST tea EVER! I’ve been drinking matcha green tea in place of my coffee and I actually prefer it now. It’s very smooth and makes the best latte.”
- Melissa P. (July 6th, 2017)

“Deliciousness! I blend matcha green tea with steamed cashew milk every morning and have completely replaced my coffee with it.”
- Amanda R. (June 17th, 2017)

“I am very happy with matcha green tea and I have recommended it to all of my friends. I add it to my shakes and it gives me good energy without the crash I get with coffee.”
- Dave L. (May 18th, 2017)

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