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It's Time You Met Your Matcha.

Tenzo is pure organic energy from the earth. That means hours of a lifted spirit without the anxious jitters or comedown crash from coffee. Our proprietary recipe of ceremonial matcha is made from the youngest spring-time baby green tea leaves, and you can taste it. Join the Tenzo Tribe to get free shipping for life!

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As a matcha snob, this stuff is a 10/10. Tenzo is so much greener than my current matcha too which makes me feel uneasy as to what I’ve been consuming the past 4 months 😂😅


Tenzo gives me energy without the jitters of coffee. 🍵⚡️ My body feels so much better from drinking matcha... I don’t even crave coffee any more.


Slayed working this Saturday with @tenzotea with coconut milk. Matcha is life 🍵


Made my first #matchalatte at home thanks to @tenzotea - mixed mine with #coconutmilk


I call Tenzo my "matcha medicine" because of all the health benefits. We have it every morning without fail.

Lift Up The Planet

Lift Up The Planet

At Tenzo we care about our enviromental impact as much as we care about our matcha. After your first subscription order your matcha refill will just come with a recylcable pouch of Tenzo.

Lift Up The Planet

We Donate 1 Year of clean Water with every bag

Ever try to make a matcha without water? Pretty hard huh. Most of us take our access to water for granted but there are still 600 million people on earth without clean water. We partnered with the Thirst Project to make change, one bag of Tenzo at a time.