Matcha vs. Coffee Benefits

Matcha vs. Coffee Benefits

by Cole Singer November 25, 2018

Coffee vs. Matcha

There is hardly anything people love more than their morning drink. Whether that means a Cup O' Joe or a matcha latte, the choice is yours. But how do you know which drink is best for you? In order to find out, let’s explore the benefits of coffee vs. matcha in the morning.

Benefits of Coffee

Easy to Make

Coffee comes in so many forms that you probably knew how to make it long before you started drinking it. Coffee is very versatile and, for that reason, many people make it their drink of choice. 

Many Options

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know that supermarkets everywhere carry a very wide selection of coffee beans and flavors. There are so many that you can try something new every day and the differences from one bean to another are pretty noticeable at first sip.

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha Tastes Great

Like anything, matcha may take a few cups to get used to, but its flavor is unlike any other drink out there. It is bitter, yet smooth, and this is one of the many reasons why people choose to drink matcha when they wake up.

Matcha has Many Health Benefits

Matcha comes packed with many benefits that coffee simply does not have. For one thing, matcha contains something called l-theanine. L-theanine is an antioxidant that helps keep away the coffee jitters. The jitters are the tired, cranky feelings you experience when the caffeine finally wears off. Matcha avoids this. 

L-theanine in Matcha

L-theanine is good for many other things, as well. Ever feel like you just can’t focus on something? We’ve all been there. One of the great properties that defines l-theanine has to do with the ability to keep your mind and body focused and grounded on the tasks you want to complete. Because the jitters become an alternate reality when you drink matcha, you can stay on top of your game no matter how many tasks you need to juggle.

Matcha for Healthy Skin

Matcha is just like green tea - - except healthier. Match and green tea come from the same plant - - the Camellia Sinensis. But while green tea is made from over-dried leaves, matcha is the ground-up form of the leaves so, when you drink matcha, you are really ingesting all the potential benefits that came from the Camellia Sinensis when it was first grown.

What does this mean for your skin? Green tea is widely regarded as a miracle drink when you are sick or need to clear up your skin. Matcha has the same benefits - - except those same benefits become much more apparent. In fact, coffee, over time, can potentially damage your skin. Want to restore your skin to its natural beauty and glow? A cup of matcha in the morning might do it for you!

Coffee and matcha both provide an ample amount of benefits to you, but there are reasons why people are starting to switch from coffee to matcha all over the world.

Join the trend and try your first matcha with us!

Cole Singer
Cole Singer


Ex-New Yorker. Traveled all the way to California to experience matcha tea in its finest form. Has been thriving ever since.

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