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Is Matcha More Powerful Than Green Tea?


Is Matcha More Powerful Than Green Tea?

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Is Matcha More Powerful Than Green Tea?

To make a long story short, yes. Matcha is more powerful than green tea. But, you don’t need to just take our word for it. We’ve compiled an entire list of reasons (backed by science) to prove that matcha powder is better than traditional steeped green tea. 

Matcha is good for weight loss, heart health, focus, and strengthens your immune system. If you want to read more details about just how much health magic matcha has, pop on over here. And, when you do, you might notice that the majority of these health benefits can also be achieved by drinking green tea. So, why are we making such a fuss about matcha being better? Read on to find out. 

All Green Tea is Healthy

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Whether its matcha powder or steeped tea, green tea leaves contains extremely high concentrations of the catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It's a kind of flavonoid, or a polyphenol molecule, with very strong antioxidant activities. And this catechin is what gives green tea its superstar health benefits. And although the benefits that accompany matcha come with an extra punch, the health benefits of green tea, in general, are superb. 



Antioxidants Activities 

Antioxidants are a powerful tool to get rid of all the bad toxins in your body, otherwise known as free radicals. If these compounds accumulate in your body in large amounts, they can cause heart problems, cancer, diabetes and many, many other diseases. 

Now, your body has its own antioxidant defense system against free radicals. So you should consider the antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, and yes, green tea, a support battalion. And, with a support battalion, your body has more than enough antioxidants to stay in tip-top shape. Benefits include things like increased metabolism, improved physical stamina, and reduced joint inflammation. 


Where’s the Science?

Green tea has been shown to have measurably positive effects on daily metabolic activity, cardiovascular health, reducing the growth and spread of cancer, and anti-inflammatory benefits. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of it all (we like to leave that to the real scientists) but we’ve listed several different articles below that back up our claims with some cold hard facts. 

And now that we’re on the same page, a page we like to call “Green Tea is Great for You,” we’ve come to the portion of the show where we tell you why matcha is better than green tea. 


Matcha Magic vs Green Tea Talent

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Matcha and green tea are made from the same type of leaves found on the Camellia Sinensis plant. From the start of the growing process, matcha is treated with much more care than green tea. Before matcha reaches maturation it’s shielded from the sun to protect the vibrant green color and retain amino acids. From there, the entire leaf is harvested and the stems are carefully removed. While green tea is placed straight into canisters or bags, matcha is then ground into the fine green powder we all know and love. 

We know the growing process of matcha isn’t super exciting, but it’s extremely important and it’s why matcha is so much more powerful than green tea. Not only is matcha protected from the draining rays of the sun before it’s harvested, but you also get more nutrients from it because when you drink matcha you’re consuming the entire leaf.

Regular green tea is simply steeped in hot water for a few minutes and removed, taking most of its powerful antioxidants with it. Because of this, every single cup of matcha has at least 3 times more antioxidants than the exact same size cup of green tea. And if you’re drinking the good stuff, ahem Tenzo you’re getting up to 137 times more antioxidants in your cup of matcha. 


All Matcha Isn’t The Same?

No, not all matcha is created equal. From shipping methods to harvesting times and sources, there are a lot of factors that make some matcha better than others. Ensuring that you purchase the best of the best can be a little bit tricky. So here's a quick guide to purchasing the best Matcha ever.


How Much Better is the Best?

We admit it… we’re biased. But our matcha is kind of the best of the best in our opinion. If you’re looking for a healthy morning wake up or good-for-you afternoon pick-me-up, there is no better choice. Aside from a super dose of antioxidants, matcha also helps you maintain a calm focus while simultaneously providing you with a sustained source of energy. 




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