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How to Choose the Best Matcha

How to Choose the Best Matcha

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How to Choose the Best Matcha

Matcha- The Best of the Best

Thanks to its undeniable Instagram-ability and natural health benefits, Matcha is on the rise. But it's not just a trend. It’s packed with amazing vitamins & nutrients, increases energy levels, and as an added bonus, it’s absolutely delicious. But not all matcha is made equal. So how do you know you’re getting the best matcha? 

Well, when you purchase from us, there’s no question. We source only the highest quality, ceremonial-grade matcha. But, we won’t leave you hanging... Determining whether your matcha is the good stuff isn’t that complicated. Just follow these simple guidelines. 

Back to Basics

matcha health benefits

It’s in lattes, smoothies, donuts, even cupcakes. Matcha is everywhere, but what exactly is it? A magic tea that guarantees a long and fruitful life, á la the Fountain of Youth? The secret ingredient to the Krabby Patty recipe? Or maybe even an ancient herb that, when ingested, leaves you in a calm, peaceful state. 

Surprise. It’s none of those things, but it does actually offer similar benefits. At its core, matcha is a stone-ground powdered green tea from Japan. Produced in the ancient regions of Uji, Yame, Kagoshima, and Nishio, it was originally used by monks to help maintain energy levels during long periods of meditation. If you want to learn more about the many, many different health benefits of matcha, you can do so here.  

What Makes Premium-Quality Matcha, Premium?

So, how do you ensure that the match you’re enjoying now is the same, high-quality stuff the monks were enjoying years ago? You’ll want to take notice of things like the location of origin, packaging method, packaging style, color, aroma, taste, and texture. 

That’s a lot to keep track of, we know. But have no fear, we’re gonna walk you through this step by step. 

Location, Location, Location

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What can we say? It’s all about location. To the average person, the source location of matcha may seem insignificant but here at Tenzo, we’re experts, and it’s one of the most important things we factor in when sourcing our matcha. 

Many companies attempt to keep the location of their products a secret, but there’s no smoke and mirrors here. We prefer to be direct about our product, and we take pride in bringing you the highest quality matcha. This means no made in China stickers, which often denote a cheaper but inferior matcha. 

The easiest way to make sure your matcha comes from the proper places? Just buy it from Tenzo! 

But, if you’re really set on another type of matcha, we don’t want to deprive you. Just make sure you buy a product that provides the location on the label, and that the location is in Japan. And, to really ensure that the matcha you’re drinking is top-notch, look for a JAS (Japanese Agriculture Stamp). You can tell a lot about matcha from its source location, so don’t forget to check. 

 The Best Things Come in Small, Properly Stored Packages

Technically speaking, matcha is considered to be a non-perishable, and it has a shelf life of over a year, given that it’s stored properly, unopened in a cool dry place. But non-perishable doesn’t mean that the quality won’t degrade with time. Once you open the package, to achieve an optimal matcha experience, it should be consumed within 30 days. 

Look for matcha that ships in a tin, which is how traditional Japanse matcha is stored. After opening, make sure that it’s kept in a cold dark place because light and heat can damage the overall quality and ruin the taste. Avoid clear glass jars and warm spots if you want to enjoy your matcha at its peak. 


 It’s Time for Matcha to Show its True Colors

The color of matcha is also a good indicator of the quality. Harvest time plays an important role in the condition of the final matcha product. Harvesting early in the season, when the plant is brimming with chlorophyll, is best practice. 

Because the levels of chlorophyll help indicate when the matcha was harvested, the color can help you determine the quality of your matcha. Premium matcha should be bright, vibrant green. 

On the other hand, if your matcha is brown and dingy, just know you're basically drinking dirt water. Well, not exactly, but browning is a sign of oxidation. And unfortunately, the chemical reaction that takes place during oxidation alters the taste and quality of matcha so it might taste like you’re drinking dirty water. 

Also, while you’re at it, go ahead and use your other senses. After all, matcha should be a full sensory experience. 

Matcha has a very distinct smell and significant deviations from this smell likely indicate an issue with the condition of the product. The ideal matcha fragrance should smell like light, grassy vegetation with a toasty, nutty aura. If you’re getting torn up soccer field or peanut butter from your matcha, it’s probably best to buy another type. 

There’s No Accounting for Taste

Taste is arguably the most important factor when it comes to premium quality. Matcha should have a nice balance between sweet and savory with just a hint of bitterness. 

Here, location comes into play again. Different regions with different soil have varying levels of nutrients and minerals, and these things also affect the taste of the final product. Matcha from Nishio, Japan is thought to be light and fresh while tea from Yame is extremely nutty and savory. Flavors will differ slightly, but they should all still fall somewhere in the range described above.

Also, keep in mind, that like most things, whether or not something tastes good is reliant on each individual person. There really is no accounting for taste. So, if all the other qualities you noted indicate a high-quality product but you don’t enjoy the taste, you might just not like matcha. And that’s okay; to each his own!

Where to Buy Matcha?

high quality matcha

 You can’t buy happiness, but you sure can buy high-quality matcha that gives you sustainable energy levels and improved concentration, which is pretty close. 

And we hate to toot our own horn… actually no we don’t. We work hard to bring you hand-picked perfection in the form of delicate and delightful matcha. Our tea doesn’t just meet the standards outlined in this article, it blows them out of the water... or into a nice steaming cup of water or milk.

The product we provide is premium quality matcha, and we’re proud of it. So hey, buy from us. You’re guaranteed exceptional matcha at reasonable prices. What more could you ask for?

Even if you don’t buy from us, hopefully, what you’ve gained is the knowledge to make a well-informed decision when purchasing your own matcha. But give us a chance, and you’ll be glad you did.

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