Can Matcha Make You More Productive?

Can Matcha Make You More Productive?

by Bold Apps January 15, 2018

Kaizen (AKA Continuous Improvement)

Tenzo Tea lives by the idea of Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that simply means “change for the better”. A way of living life in which you continuously improve, making each day better than the last.

It’s easy - every day, choose one part of your life that you can improve by 1%. 365 days later, you’ll be 3800% better at life.

This idea can be applied to all aspects of life - healthy choices, confidence, flexibility, and even daily productivity.

Productivity is KING.

Imagine closing each work day with a satisfied sigh, knowing you were so productive that you accomplished everything you wanted to get done.

You're happy. Your boss is happy. You head home early to spend time with the family - they're the happiest of all.

There’s an endless amount of improvements you can make to be 1% more productive with your day.

Start Your Morning Out Right.

Ignore emails, social media and TV when you wake up. Take a minute to meditate and prepare your mind for the important tasks of the day.

Focus on getting a good breakfast and start your 1% more productive day with a matcha latte.

Can Matcha Make You More Productive?

You know you’re focused when you feel calm, alert and genuinely interested in what you're working on. At your most productive mindset nothing can distract you. You’re engaged and ready to dominate.

Caffeine can help - but let’s be real.

No one gets much accomplished bouncing off the walls, heart racing with a crazy look in the eye (yes I’m talking about coffee).

When you start your day with a matcha green tea, you get a caffeine buzz that doesn’t overdo it.

A cup of Tenzo Matcha has about 70 mg of caffeine compared to the 95-200 milligrams in coffee. Coffee contains more caffeine per cup than matcha, but matcha will keep you focused and energized for way longer.

About 4-5 hours longer.

That’s enough energy and focus to guide you quickly and efficiently through the workday.

Enough of a boost to make the most out of your afternoon workout - even when you feel like you have nothing left.

Enough of a positive vibe to uplift the people around you and make their day 1% better as well.

You don't deserve to be tired. Start your 1% with Tenzo Tea's organic matcha powder!

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