LA Runs On Tenzo

LA Runs On Tenzo

by Steve O'Dell March 06, 2018

5 Weeks ago, Robbie, Brody and I received a special message from a close friend named Matt Dajer.

“Will you run the LA marathon with me?”

The gauntlet was thrown down. Little did we know, as cliche as it sounds, those 8 words would change our lives forever.

I looked at Rob and Brody with a big grin, should we actually run the LA marathon? Brody responded immediately with “No. We don’t have time. We’re trying to build a great company.” He is right after all, as Tenzo Tea continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to maintain balance. Each week there is more and more going on, there are more people to talk with and more accounts to manage. It seems like life keeps moving faster and faster. Spending hours everyday running would surely disrupt the delicate balance we worked so hard to maintain.

Our next problem was even tougher - we had never run more than 3 miles in our lives. Sure, you can train for months and get your body in tip top shape - but we only had 8 weeks. We were willing to overcome the changing work life balance, but could we actually complete a 26 mile race?

We pulled out the calendar and got to business. We planned to steadily increase our total miles each week by running off and on during the weekdays and supplementing this with hopes to conquer a 10, 15 and 20 mile run before the big day. However, in order to not crash and burn, we vowed to listen to our bodies and take off days when necessary for rest and recovery.

After about 30 minutes of planning and debate, we sent a message back to Matt.

“YES! We’re in.”

You may be wondering “Why?” So let me explain.

Each one of us spends most of our time in a cosy bubble called the comfort zone. But in order to grow and develop, we need to step outside this bubble and try new things. It can be very uncomfortable - your body and brain will be screaming “no”. Matt knows how hard it can be to overcome the voice inside our heads, so he committed his life to inspiring people around the world to say YES to discomfort. In our case, we’d never run more than 3 miles, we were busy building Tenzo and life was moving faster than ever. But despite that, we knew deep down that running the Marathon with Matt was stepping far outside our comfort zone, which was exactly where we needed to be.

We learned that making healthy decisions can be very uncomfortable, but only in the beginning. Once we started running regularly, everything changed. Getting over the initial hump was difficult, but as we developed a routine, our bodies and brains became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, a 3-mile run didn’t seem so tough. As we pushed ourselves further and further, we began to enjoy the runs more and more. Instead of a pain, the runs became cathartic, an escape from the fast paced day to day and our favorite way to stay healthy and in shape. We learned all of this from those 8 little words.

To end with a quote from Matt,

“Seeking discomfort is a mantra that goes hand in hand with humanity. We are natural-born discomfort seekers. The magical head rush we get from unique experiences: talking to a stranger, going to a new country with no plans, or running a marathon are so innate and so pure that we can’t help but feel blissful, empathetic, elated and HUMAN afterward.”

Cheers to you Matt Dajer, for pushing us and for pushing people all over the world to live healthier and say YES to discomfort.

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Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell


Co-founder, CEO @ Tenzo Tea | Matcha Lover | Believer in Better

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