The 10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts

The 10 Best Healthy Holiday Gifts

by Steve O'Dell December 05, 2016 1 Comment

This year, the Tenzo Team has gathered research to make your holiday season a little more relaxed. We've scoured the internet to find the best gifts. 

The Best Holiday Gifts are twofold, they leave the receiver and buyer happy. How does this work? The buyer searches google for "the best holiday gifts", scours amazon, or for the procrastinators, makes an early morning mall run on Christmas Eve. Typically, these efforts don't create the best experience for the gift receiver. Nobody wants a gift they have to return, and to be honest, it's a little upsetting when people return the gifts you get them. 

In order to gift the right presents this holiday season, check out the 5 best holiday gifts from the Tenzo Team. All gifts are well researched and are items that can literally make an improvement in the quality of their life.  

1.) The Fitbit Blaze - $199.95

Fitbit Blaze - Healthy Gift 

The Fitbit blaze is the fitness watch. It's cheaper than competitors and offers great features to maximize fitness levels during the day. Let's face it, being fit is more important than being stylish, but with the newly designed Fitbit Blaze, you can have great fitness tracking and style.

2.) "The Mat" from Lulu Lemon - $68

The Mat Lulu Lemon - Healthy Gift

Since the Tenzo Communitea has a large group of Yogi's, we figured that the Tenzo Team better share our favorite Yoga Mat, "The Mat" with our friends. What better gift than to give someone a great mat that they can use daily?

3.) The Flux Charger - $29.99

Flux Charger - Healthy Gift

The Flux Charger is the Best Portable Charger in the World. In our current era, it's essential to have power. I mean, let's be real - hardly anyone can get a good workout in without listening to music on their phone. Stay Charged up this year with the Flux Charger. 

4.) Corepower Yoga Class Gift card - $80 (for a $100 value)

Core  Power Yoga Gift Card - Healthy Gift

Now, you've already got "The Mat", why not head over to Corepower Yoga for some deep breathing, relaxation and strength training. The Corepower Gift card is the perfect gift for anyone starting off 2017 strong.

5.) Hydroflask - $25.95


The Hydroflask is the world's best "water" bottle, but it's also great for tenzo matcha. Just add hot or cold water, matcha powder, and shake. Viola :)  

6.) G2G Bars - $22.99

Good to Go Bars - Healthy Gift

G2G protein bars are an excellent source of nutrition for all the healthy lifestylers. Make sure to keep them refrigerated though, there is no artificial flavors or preservatives in these bars! A comforting glass of matcha and a G2G bar make the perfect snack when you're on the move. Check them OUT!

7.) Hypersphere - $149

Healthy Gift - Hypersphere

The Hypersphere is essential for anyone working out hard and taking great care of their body. This nifty softball-sized ball will massage the knots out of your muscles after a hard workout. (This is a Tenzo Team favorite). 

8.) Patagonia Down Jacket - $199

Patagonia Women's Down Jacket - Tenzo Tea

Patagonia Jackets are all the rage this year. If you're thinking about a backpacking trip or another winter adventure, the Patagonia Down Jacket is a must. 

9.) Justin's Almond Nut Butter - $13.99

Justins Almond Butter - Tenzo Tea Health

If you're still making PB and J's with Peter Pan or Jiffy, it' time to up your sandwich game with the best (and healthiest) nut butter on the planet. 

10.) The Tenzo Tea Holiday Bundle - $39.99

The perfect holiday gift this season is the Tenzo Tea Holiday Bundle. It comes with everything you need and is a great gift for an experienced Tea Drinker or someone who is new to the benefits of Matcha. Included in the Bundle is: 

  1. A Bamboo Whisk and Porcelain Stand
  2. A Bamboo Matcha Tea Scooper
  3. 15 Grams of Premium Matcha
  4. 2 Single Servings of each flavor 

PS - Order a Tenzo Holiday Bundle for a friend and we'll gift wrap and write a handwritten note :) 

Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell


Co-founder, CEO @ Tenzo Tea | Matcha Lover | Believer in Better

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