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What Does Matcha Taste Like?  Everything You Need to Know


What Does Matcha Taste Like? Everything You Need to Know

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What Does Matcha Taste Like?  Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to getting healthy and delicious flavors that provide a gentle energy boost throughout the day, matcha tea is the perfect fit. It’s easy to begin mixing up your own favorite matcha tea drinks and sweets, and the versatile and rich flavor profile means it matches well with many breakfast and dessert recipes. 

Here at Tenzo Tea, we believe everyone should have the ingredients and information they need to make the best choices for their overall health and wellness, and matcha tea can be that perfect choice. It combines fresh, nutrient-rich flavors with supportive health benefits, and you’re sure to love it to the last sip. Here’s what you’ll want to know about matcha flavors and how to add them to your own kitchen. 

What is Matcha Tea? 

Matcha tea has a long and important history that dates back centuries. It first originated in China but has played an important role in Japanese culture for many generations, and most modern matcha tea is grown in Japan. 

While most teas have health-boosting and supporting benefits, from aiding in tension relief to supporting mental health, matcha, is a unique and special type of tea that does all that and more. Unlike many teas, it is not steeped in hot water. Instead, the leaves are ground into a fine powder and the matcha tea is mixed directly into the water, which provides a stronger connection with you and the flavors and valuable nutrients inside.  

Matcha tea is also known for boosting your energy without the uncomfortable effects of caffeine crashes or headaches. On average, it has a little less caffeine than a cup of black tea or a shot of espresso, but the energy boosts are much longer and more gentle than you’ll find with other caffeinated drinks, which can improve focus and make it easier to engage creatively with the world around you. 

What Does Matcha Tea Taste Like? 

In addition to the many health and wellness benefits and all the ways that matcha can provide gentle, long-lasting energy boosts, it also tastes delicious. It’s chock full of fresh, green flavors, combining leafy vegetable tastes with a reliable sweetness that mixes well with many dishes. It has little to no bitterness, and because it is a powder, rather than traditional tea leaves, it provides a rich, frothy texture that can be used in baked goods with ease. 

Matcha tea is also known for its balance of flavors and the smoothness of how it feels on the tongue. While it has hints of grassiness, the flavors are fresh and bright and can make you feel refreshed and invigorated, and ready to start your day. 

What Mixes Well With Matcha Tea? 

One of the reasons we love matcha tea so much is that it’s very versatile and mixes well with many great flavors and ingredients. When you find the right matcha tea for your tastebuds, explore different mix-ins and flavor combinations, so you can enjoy a drink or sweet you love each morning or busy afternoon. 

In fact, matcha is so forgiving and wide-ranging, that you can add just about any sweet or savory ingredient to the mix and come out with a delicious flavor profile. Here are some of our favorites, but you can try experimenting with your pantry staples and fresh picks from the farmer’s market to find more. 


Honey is a classic tea mix-in for a reason. You can make many different types of drinks with matcha, including lattes, which can be sweetened with your favorite floral or fruity honey. Honey is also a great way to balance some of the grassy flavors you might find in matcha without being completely overpowered by sweetness. 


Salt serves to enhance the flavors in your favorite recipes, which is why it’s great for matcha. When you want to enjoy all the fresh and delicate tastes that matcha tea and other matcha recipes have to offer, salt is a great addition to your drink or dessert. A dash of sea salt can make the flavors really pop and can enhance your feelings of rejuvenation and energy. 


When it comes to combining chocolate and matcha, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Not only do the flavors balance beautifully, thanks to the sweetness of the chocolate and the freshness of the tea, but because there are so many different types of tea, you can mix and match ingredients until you find a combination you really love. 

Dark chocolate, sea salt, and white chocolate are just a few of the wonderful flavor profiles that you won’t want to miss. There’s a reason this combination of flavors is taking the world by storm! 


Citrus is another classic tea companion, but it goes especially well with matcha. Since matcha is so great at offering fresh, wholesome flavors, a splash of lemon or orange can bring those refreshing qualities to a whole new level, while still providing a bold balance to the leafier flavors of matcha. 

You can mix and match your favorite citrus additions with bold spices for great seasonal flavors and delicious iced drinks. 

Our Favorite Matcha Drink Recipes

Don’t stop with adding ingredients to your matcha—consider adding matcha to your ingredients. Thanks to it rich and frothy texture and the beautiful, bold flavoring that matcha offers, it makes an excellent addition to any dessert, drink, or breakfast sweet treat. Here are just a few of our favorite matcha drink recipes

Matcha Chai Latte 

The matcha chai latte is the perfect combination of spices and fresh ingredients. It combines bold and beautiful flavors, like ginger, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, with the bright, refreshing matcha tea blend. All that gets balanced by the sweetness of maple syrup and your favorite type of milk. 

Matcha Iced Tea Latte 

Matcha is delicious whether it’s served hot or cold. This matcha tea latte is versatile and very easy to make. All you need is your matcha powder, milk, honey, a little water, and some ice. Mix in any other spices or ingredients for a fresh, cool drink on hot summer days. 

Matcha Smoothie 

You can make a matcha smoothie any way you please. We recommend using fresh, tropical fruits like bananas, mangos, and pineapples, which blend well with the great matcha flavors, but try out berries, apples, or whatever other fruits you love! Mix it all together with ice and almond milk and add honey or maple syrup if it needs to be sweetened. 

Watermelon Iced Matcha 

Does it get any more refreshing than watermelon? Only when you mix it with matcha! This watermelon iced matcha is the perfect drink for those super hot days and it only calls for a few ingredients. Grab fresh watermelon, matcha powder, ice, and water, and mix up your own cup of watermelon iced matcha today. It’s perfect for summer picnics and your friends are sure to enjoy it! 

Matcha Lemonade 

Take your citrus and matcha combination to a whole new level when you try out a fresh and totally delicious matcha lemonade at home today. You can make a lemonade simple syrup at home or pick one up at the store, then just add lemons, matcha, and ice, and enjoy! 


It’s hard not to fall in love with matcha powder and all the delicious matcha tea and matcha baked goods you can make with it. Matcha comes with fresh and robust energy-boosting properties without any of the uncomfortable side effects or caffeine crashes, and it offers many health benefits and support for your body and your mind as well. 

And on top of all of that, it’s absolutely delicious. You’re sure to enjoy fresh, floral flavors in every sip of your matcha tea, and you can easily add great new ingredients to make it a drink or dish that you keep coming back to any time of the year. You can begin experimenting with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen today. 

When you’re ready to begin exploring all that matcha has to offer, make Tenzo Tea the team that you turn to first. We carry both the ingredient that you’re sure to enjoy and the information you need to begin making this great flavor your own. Check out our growing library of recipes and history surrounding matcha tea and begin the journey toward creating some of your own matcha flavor combinations and mixtures. Don’t forget to share all of your favorites! 






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