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How Do You Make a Tenzo Matcha Green Tea Shot?

How Do You Make a Tenzo Matcha Green Tea Shot?

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How Do You Make a Tenzo Matcha Green Tea Shot?

What is a Green Tea Shot? 

It’s true, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and green tea shots are no exception. These little pops of bright green caffeine are healthy, delicious, and give you clean energy all day. Matcha is shade-grown green tea that is ground into a fine powder and mixed into a delicious shot. Add it to your daily routine and transform your life.

How to Make a Green Tea Shot

Let’s start with the basics on how to make a matcha shot. Don’t worry, you won’t need any fancy espresso makers or expensive tools. All you need for the Tenzo shot recipe is a small bowl, whisk, either cold or hot water, and a scoop of Tenzo Tea matcha.

  1. Start with a splash of water in a round bottom bowl
  2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Tenzo Matcha
  3. Use a bamboo matcha whisk with a quick M/W motion until a frothy top appears
  4. Pour into a shot glass or small cup
  5. Enjoy!

To customize your shot, you can vary the amount of water you start with, depending on your preference of thickness and strength. You can also change the temperature of the water. Warm water tends to extract a slightly more bitter flavor, but suspends the matcha much easier. Cold water creates a smoother, cooler shot which can be consumed immediately. Either way, your shot will taste delicious and provide all the same benefits.

Matcha provides clean energy all day. Not only is it easier to make a matcha shot than an espresso shot, but it also gives a more sustained and focused buzz. Matcha has about 10 more grams of caffeine than espresso, but comes without the jitters. Plus, Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to keep your immune system strong.

There are so many different ways you can enjoy matcha shots. You can consume the shot straight up for a quick boost, or you can pour it over other drinks to sip it longer. Here are four of the most popular ways we like to consume matcha shots.

  1. Tenzo Tea: Pour your matcha shot over 4-6 oz of warm or cold water for a delicious, less concentrated green tea. 
  2. Tenzo Latte: Pour your matcha shot over 4-6 oz of warm or cold milk for a yummy latte.
  3. Matcha Lemonade: Pour your matcha shot over lemonade to cool off in the summer.
  4. Matcha Cocktails: Add a green tea shot to your favorite alcoholic beverage, such as a gin and tonic, for a healthy energy boost before a night out!

Whip up a shot of clean energy to beat the afternoon slump and feel your best for the whole day!


What's in a Green Tea Shot?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting the most out of your matcha powder. We’ve covered many recipes in the past, but one of our all-time favorite ways to consume matcha is in the form of matcha shots.

We take green tea shots every day here at the Tenzo office. They keep us energized and ready to take on the day, some of the many matcha benefits that make the drink so desirable. And there’s a reason why it works!

Energy needs to come from somewhere and, in the case of matcha, there are loads of caffeine in tea. There are many caffeine benefits, some of which include instant boosts of energy and increased focus throughout the day. There are a bunch of ways to consume caffeine, and many people get their caffeine through coffee and energy drinks. The problem with these forms of energy is that the energy boost disappears just as quickly as it comes on. Matcha, on the other hand, gives you that same boost - - minus the crash. Caffeine from matcha provides long-lasting energy to keep you focused throughout the day.

Another major component of the green tea shot has to do with l-theanine. It sounds scary at first, but it’s really just an amino acid used to combat high blood pressure and anxiety. L-theanine benefits include reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and making cancer medications more powerful. All of these things are great, and there’s good news if you are either dealing with these issues or simply trying to prevent them in the future. Green tea shots include l-theanine as well!

Healthy people are often found following a routine. It doesn’t mean your life has to run like a train schedule - - it simply adds structure to the tasks you are already juggling throughout the day.

For us, green tea shots are random. They happen when the feeling is right and take just a couple of minutes to prepare for the whole team.

Are Green Tea Shots Healthy?

You bet. Matcha tea is said to be the healthiest drink on the planet. Keep in mind that matcha green tea is simple to make, and is really just a combination of matcha powder and water. Green tea shots are very similar, except for the fact that there is less water per drink. In reality, matcha green tea shots contain a powerful combination of the healthiest nutrients on earth.

The Best Time to Take a Green Tea Shot? 

Any time! It’s important to keep in mind that a matcha green tea shot will give you an instant boost - possibly even add a new meaning to your day. But these drinks are especially powerful when you’re feeling tired. Maybe you’ve been working hard all day. Maybe you didn’t get much sleep last night. Or maybe it’s just really cloudy outside. Whatever it is, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated after taking a shot of the best green tea.

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