Why Matcha Makes You Feel Great

Why Matcha Makes You Feel Great

by Monica Ring February 06, 2019

Why Matcha Makes You Feel Great

Let’s say you’re going on your morning run and you need caffeine. Sure, a large cup of iced coffee will stimulate your energy for the time being, but what if you could eliminate those post-coffee jitters for good? Drinking matcha tea might just be the answer. By consuming matcha, you’ll get that same burst of energy as coffee -- except, without the jitters and caffeine crash. Matcha caffeine differs from coffee caffeine because caffeine from coffee surprises you all at once. The caffeine in matcha is brought on gradually, which allows for relaxation and alertness at the same time. You feel energized, but not jittery. Ready to run, but once you get back home, you’ll be good to take a nice nap, without worrying about when the caffeine effects will wear off.

L-Theanine in Matcha

Along with caffeine, drinking matcha can also aid in reducing depression and anxiety. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Matcha tea has high levels of l-theanine, an amino acid that contains many health benefits towards the human body. L-theanine has been shown to alter the amounts of dopamine and serotonin that the brain emits. By increasing the dopamine and serotonin in one’s brain, it will increase the person’s overall mood. If the person’s mood improves, their learning and cognitive abilities will improve as well. At the same time, it’s also been shown that l-theanine can improve your memory. Being in a relaxed state allows you to think more without worrying about the stresses of a time crunch or any other impeding factors.

Matcha for Better Digestion

Matcha has also been proven to boost your metabolism. Although drinking matcha alone without exercising and/or healthy eating won’t be the magic cure, combining the three will drastically improve your weight loss. Polyphenols are a group of catechins that have been proven to increase metabolism. Polyphenols are found in large quantities in matcha powder. Due to its amino acids, rich antioxidants and chemical compounds, matcha has also been known to serve as the perfect natural detox for anyone looking to burn fat. Matcha aids in digestion and goes down smoothly. The more cups of matcha you drink, the more you’ll rid your body of unwanted toxins that are being stored in your digestive system.

EGCG in Matcha

Move over, ginger shots, because matcha is the new real deal. If you want to prevent yourself from getting sick and you want to look on the healthier side, look no further. Aside from l-theanine, tea, in general, contains a catechin called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). EGCG can help boost the immunity of others.

Matcha Can Help Build Your Immunity

With the cold, snowy weather that the U.S has been getting these past few weeks, a boost in our immune systems is much needed. Public transportation and office tables can be filled with germs, so warming up next to a nice warm cup of illness preventing matcha sounds just wonderful right now. The way that EGCG boosts our immune systems is by increasing the amount of T-cells that our body produces. T-cells work with B-cells to help fight off antibodies or foreign toxins that may have entered our body. For example, if you get the flu, T-cells are responsible for making sure that you get rid of the flu in a speedy and timely manner. They’re also responsible for trying to fight off pathogens before they’re able to fully enter the body. Drinking ceremonial grade matcha (the highest quality matcha) will ensure that you receive double the amount of EGCGs that you would normally receive in a cup of regular green tea.

Matcha is Better For Your Breath Than Coffee

Getting ready for a big date coming up? Maybe you just met that special someone on Bumble or Tinder, and you’re ready to finally meet them in person to show them why you’re the one for them. Well, if you’re looking to really impress them, forget the breath mint. Breath mints and gum sticks will only last you for a few minutes before you’ll end up needing another one. Trust me when I say that no one likes a person who talks while smacking on their gum. If you want a more discreet, natural way to freshen up your breath, drink matcha tea because it really is the way to go. The catechins that I mentioned above help aid in providing you with fresh breath, whether you choose to drink matcha before or after the big date. The catechin naturally cleans the build-up of germs in your mouth, which is what causes bad breath in the first place. Drinking matcha tea is a delicious and very hidden way of saying, “I’m classy, and I smell fresher than the Prince of Bel Air.”

Matcha Has Tons of Health Benefits

Matcha has many added health benefits, two of which are the lowering of cholesterol and a decrease in blood sugar. The constant spiking of blood sugar is how diabetes comes into play. By constantly consuming matcha on a daily basis, your blood sugar will decrease, and studies show that the contents in matcha tea could potentially reverse the effects of diabetes, eventually eliminating it completely. Although not many foods contain a lot of cholesterol nowadays, it’s still a problem for certain people. While high cholesterol at first is not significantly damaging, it can potentially lead to heart disease in the future. Through the combination of l-theanine and the EGCG catechins, drinking matcha regularly can aid in the lowering of high cholesterol.

At the end of the day, matcha not only tastes superb, but it contains an abundance of health benefits that could change your life for the better.

Monica Ring
Monica Ring


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