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Why Does Coffee Make My Stomach Hurt? A Better Alternative

Why Does Coffee Make My Stomach Hurt? A Better Alternative

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Why Does Coffee Make My Stomach Hurt? A Better Alternative

Caffeine drinkers know that there are often side effects to regular or excess caffeine consumption, like headaches, difficulty sleeping, or a sense of jitteriness or anxiety. Another common side effect that occurs when we consume too much caffeine from traditional caffeinated beverages like coffee is a stomach ache or nausea that can cause pain or discomfort during the day. There are several reasons why coffee can have an adverse effect on our overall health and wellness, including our stomach, but you also have great alternatives to try instead. 

When you’re ready to explore caffeinated beverages that cause fewer side effects without reducing the benefits of focus, energy, and boost that come from caffeine consumption, Tenzo Tea is here to help. We carry exciting caffeinated alternatives to coffee and energy drinks and provide the information and support that will help you find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle and health needs. 

Why Does Coffee Hurt My Stomach? 

You may already be familiar with stomach pain or discomfort caused by coffee, but do you know why it occurs? The truth is, there are many potential reasons why coffee might be irritating your stomach or causing cramps and discomfort, only some of which are within your control. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why coffee can make your stomach hurt and why it’s a good idea to seek out a coffee alternative instead. 

Coffee Acid and Stomach Acid

Our digestive system is a complex and balanced environment where the right amount of acids and bacteria work together to keep us healthy and ensure we get the proper nutrition. When ingredients or foods are put into the mix that can upset that balance, like coffee which can already be very bitter and acidic, it can lead to discomfort or stomachaches. 

This can vary a lot depending on the type of coffee you’re making and how it has been brewed, since there are so many different types of coffee. On the whole, however, it can be helpful to find an alternative to coffee that doesn’t cause discomfort or pain. 


The fault may not lie with the coffee itself, but rather, what’s added to it. Many coffee drinkers will put in dairy or nut products, as well as sugar or sugar alternatives. A lactose intolerance is one of the most common food sensitivities in America, and even a little splash of milk or dairy can be enough to cause discomfort after your morning brew. 

The extra ingredients may also have been added during production, so you might not even know they’re there. Sweet or flavored coffees often have extra sugar or other ingredients that can cause irritation and discomfort, as can the honey, sugar, or cream you add after it’s brewed. 

You’re Drinking on an Empty Stomach 

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can have its own side effects that are best avoided by switching to a coffee alternative. Coffee is an extreme drink, and it can actually cause damage to your stomach lining and other complications when there’s nothing to soak it up. In order to help digestion, it’s essential to drink coffee with some kind of substantial food, but there are other caffeinated options that likely won’t cause the same problems.  

It Contributes to Stress and Anxiety 

One of the most common reasons you may feel stomach pain or discomfort after drinking coffee, especially if you’re drinking it on an empty stomach, is that it can contribute to an increased sense of stress or anxiety. Coffee is rich in caffeine, the stimulant that provides that morning boost of energy we love, but it can also exacerbate or add to a sense of jitteriness. 

Your body is very responsive to signs of anxiety, which is why anxiety is often associated with side effects like stomach ache. When your anxiety levels are spiked as the result of caffeine boosts, it may contribute to or even cause stomach pains from emotional discomfort and stress.  

Why is Matcha a Better Alternative? 

There are many reasons you’ll want to swap your morning coffee out for a matcha green tea instead, and the reduction in stomach pain is just one of them. Matcha is a type of green tea that is harvested young, which ensures it is full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants that can support and help your overall health and wellness. 

It is rich in caffeine and excellent for boosting your energy and providing a sense of refreshment and focus throughout the course of the day. It also comes with fewer side effects than traditional types of caffeine like coffee. 

Here are a few reasons that matcha is a better alternative to your morning coffee. 

Matcha Has Fewer Side Effects 

Matcha tea provides all the great energy boosting benefits you get from a fresh cup of coffee, but without the more extreme or uncomfortable side effects, like a caffeine dependency, headache, anxiety and, of course, stomach pains. 

One of the best things about switching out your regular coffee for matcha is that you won’t have to worry about that serious caffeine crash after, since matcha is so chock full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants that will keep you running strong all day long. 

Matcha Energy Lasts Longer 

You won’t have to worry about crashing after that first cup when it comes to matcha. Caffeine in drinks like coffee is very fast acting, which means it will affect you shortly after ingestion and be absorbed into the system and then used quickly. That’s why you often experience a coffee crash half-way through the morning. 

Matcha, on the other hand, affects your body and your ability to focus much more slowly. That means you don’t have to worry about extreme caffeine spikes or crashes, and that the feeling of being refreshed and productive will last you throughout the day. 

Matcha is Rich in Nutrients (and Health Benefits!) 

Matcha tea is great for getting the focus and energy you need to succeed all day long, but the benefits don’t end there. Matcha is made with tea leaves, but unlike traditional tea, the leaves are ground into a fine powder and consumed completely, rather than being steeped. This means you’ll get great health and wellness benefits in every sip, like oral health protection, immunity boosting, metabolism support, and more. 

Matcha Can Be Very Calming 

Matcha tea is caffeinated, but rather than the jittery, anxious energy that comes with coffee or other energy drinks, it can provide a sense of refreshed focus that helps you start your day or stay on track through that mid-afternoon slump. That’s because it’s also equipped with amino acids known for relaxation and calming, and why you likely won’t experience the same anxiety stomach pains with matcha tea that you do with coffee. 

Matcha tea has long been used in meditation practices by monks and even Japanese samurai, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Matcha is Versatile and Delicious

You don’t need to drink a straight cup of matcha tea every morning to enjoy all of its benefits. Matcha tea mixes well with many different types of recipes, from breakfast dishes like matcha smoothies and matcha oatmeal, to desserts from matcha ice cream to pudding to cheesecake. It’s also chock full of fresh and delicious flavors that you’re sure to enjoy in every sip or bite. 


Starting the day with a boost of caffeine is an efficient way to focus, be productive, and succeed at your goals. But your favorite morning or mid-afternoon caffeinated drink shouldn’t be causing you pain or discomfort like stomach aches or stomach cramps, and drinks like coffee often do. Coffee can cause acid imbalances in your stomach, increase feelings of anxiety or stress, and also mix with additives that can irritate your system. 

If you no longer want to experience uncomfortable side effects when enjoying your energy-booster for the day, matcha tea is an excellent alternative to coffee for many reasons. To start, it has fewer side effects, so you won’t have to worry about caffeine crashes, increased feelings of anxiety or headaches and stomach pains. 

Matcha is slower acting and lasts longer, and it also comes with added benefits like a boosted immune system and the ability to feel both calm and focused, thanks to its amino acids. 

When you’re ready to begin adding matcha tea to your morning routine, Tenzo Tea is here to help. We believe that everyone deserves access to the ingredients and resources that make it easy to stay energized, focused, and excited all day long—and matcha tea is the perfect place to start.  






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