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Flow With Matcha

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Flow With Matcha

A cup of matcha a day, keeps the doctor away… 

Alright, to be fair that may not be entirely true. Although matcha does have a certain magic about it, drinking it daily won’t necessarily ensure that you never encounter an illness or physical limitation. However, miracles aside, there is plenty of science to support the notion that drinking matcha daily can improve your overall health and being. And, if you wanna know the why and the how of matcha magic then keep reading because today we’re going to dig into the science behind the magic. It’s time to reveal the matcha man behind the curtain.

It’s Not Rocket Science

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We promise. We’re not here to bore you with words you can’t pronounce and molecular interactions that only a chemist would understand. No, we’re here to help you understand the why of matcha in a way that makes sense to everyone.  Why should you ditch your coffee in favor of matcha? Why should you drink it daily? What makes matcha healthy? Why does matcha make you feel so good? If you want to learn more about why matcha makes you feel so great, you can do so here, but we’ll go over it quickly below as well. 

Like many green teas, matcha is packed to the brim with unique antioxidants and catechins that help your body maintain productive energy levels, reduces anxiety, and much much more. As devoted matcha fans, you may be thinking that our views are tainted by our love for this powerful green drink, but matcha offers much more than just a placebo effect. Matcha magic is real. 

One of the superstar catechins we mentioned earlier is known as L-theanine. And, a 2017 study concluded that L-theanine improved performance during lengthy mental tasks and supported an alert but focused overall being. This same study also showed that the L-theanine found in matcha decreased tension while also promoting relaxation. This catechin, combined with the natural caffeine found in matcha ensures that you feel energized and alert, but never anxious or jittery. 

Another matcha superstar is an antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate. That’s quite a mouthful so from here on out, we’ll simply refer to this powerful antioxidant as EGCg. Although it doesn’t help you focus or feel relaxed, it’s got its own impressive reputation. EGCg can help to prevent and protect against the build up of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are highly reactive particles that can damage your cells when their numbers get too high. And, with cell damage comes daunting diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Thankfully, the EGCg found in matcha has been shown to combat the effects of these and help repair the damage. In fact, the National Cancer Institute believes that EGCg may help prevent cancer by protecting cells from DNA damage and inhibiting tumor cell proliferation. 

An Everyday Matcha for an Exceptional Well-Being

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We can sum up the last few paragraphs and the why of matcha with this: Matcha improves your overall health and well-being. But, there’s a catch. Much like working out once a week or eating healthy sporadically, if you want to experience the true power of matcha, you need to drink it daily. You can do this by simply swapping out your morning coffee for a morning matcha or using your favorite matcha drink as an afternoon pick-me-up. 

But, once you start working matcha into your daily routine, you’ll open up an entirely new world of possibilities for yourself. Any daily matcha devotee knows that in addition to better health and superior energy, matcha offers something that few other beverages do. Matcha helps you find, what we like to call, your flow state. What exactly is your “flow state” you may be wondering? Your flow state is that precious space where your body and mind act together effortlessly. You’re alert and focused, but you feel calm and purposeful. Your flow state is you at your best. 

Although they may have known it by a different name, ancient Japanese monks also used matcha to reach a flow state. And while for them a flow state may be more about reaching enlightenment than dealing with the stressors of modern life, the result is the same. A confident yet calm state of mind that leaves you feeling positive and self-assured. Tackle your toughest goals and handle unexpected stressors with ease, all with the power of a simple and delicious refreshment. By drinking matcha daily, like the ancient Japanese monks, you too can find your own flow state.

The only obstacles in your way are yourself and not having enough matcha. If you want some tips, tricks, and easy recipes that can help you to incorporate matcha into your daily routine, check out this post or pop on over to our recipe page to explore the many ways to enjoy a matcha drink. But before you do anything else, sign up for our matcha subscription. This ensures that your favorite green powder is always on hand for your morning matchas, your evening desserts, and everything in between. Because the more matcha, the merrier. Get started on your matcha journey today, and you’re one step closer to finding your flow state. 

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