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Does Matcha Make You Poop? Comparison to Coffee

Does Matcha Make You Poop? Comparison to Coffee

Does Matcha Make You Poop? Comparison to Coffee

Does Matcha Make You Poop? Comparison to Coffee

Posted on May 05, 2021 | by Steve O'Dell

Caffeine can have many beneficial qualities. Not only does it give us a helpful energy boost that makes it easier to get through our busy days and stay focused on our many goals, but it has also been shown to possess useful health benefits, as well. 

But there are side effects to drinking caffeinated beverages as well. If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee or energy drink, you’re probably familiar with a caffeine crash or the nausea and headaches that often accompany excessive caffeine consumption. Another common side effect of coffee drinking is the increased need to poop.  

Not all caffeinated beverages are the same. 

Here at Tenzo Tea, we’re not just dedicated to sharing energy-boosting, healthy, and low impact matcha tea that you can make right at home. We also want to provide the information and support that makes it easier to understand what we’re drinking and why these ingredients we consume have the effects on our body that they do. Here are a few things to consider about drinking caffeinated beverages, and why they can cause side effects like an increased need to poop. 

Why Does Coffee Make Us Poop?

It’s not an uncommon side effect to need to poop after drinking coffee, even if it’s decaffeinated coffee. The truth is, we don’t really know why coffee can have such an effect on our digestives systems. 

Scientists have looked into factors like the coffee’s caffeine content, or even its heat level. But because decaffeinated coffee seems to have a similar effect as caffeinated coffee, and because we don’t often have the same urgent need after eating soup or another hot food, those potential reasons have largely been debunked

Instead, experts likely believe it has something to do with the chemical makeup of the coffee itself, and the impact it has on our digestive system, specifical the activity level of our intestines and colon. 

While the exact reasoning behind why coffee can have us darting to the bathroom early in the morning is unclear, we do know a little more about what we put into our coffee. 

Many coffee drinks today are made with sweeteners, milks, and other additives, all of which can have diuretic properties, especially for those already sensitive to dairy products. If you’ve been having a more extreme reaction to your morning coffee, then drinking it with fewer mix-ins might make the difference. 

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea is a type of caffeinated beverage that can have many of the great benefits of coffee and other caffeinated drinks—but without the side effects. It is a variation of green tea that is made into a powder. 

The average cup of coffee can run between 70-140 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce cup, and matcha tea usually has around 70 milligrams of caffeine as well, but you probably won’t need to find the facilities after drinking it. 

A reduced urge to poop isn’t the only benefit to drinking matcha tea over other caffeinated beverages. Unlike other types of tea, matcha tea is ground into a fine powder and mixed directly into the hot water, rather than being steeped. 

This means that matcha tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and other benefits, since they are combined directly into the drink. 

It also means that your energy lasts longer, stays steady, and won’t leave you with a caffeine crash when it wears off, unlike other caffeinated beverages. Matcha is also versatile and delicious and can be mixed into many great recipes, even beyond your morning latte. 

Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

Like all teas, matcha tea is equipped with its own benefits and health and wellness properties that can support you in the long and short-term. Here are a few of the top benefits of adding matcha tea to your diet. 

You’ll Feel Energized and Focused

If you’re struggling to stay awake or to focus on the next big assignment, matcha tea can help. Because it is combined, rather than steeped, it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can leave you feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to tackle whatever the day might bring. 

You Won’t Have a Caffeine Crash

Unlike other types of caffeine, like coffee and energy drinks, matcha won’t leave you tired when the effects wear off. It works more efficiently for a longer period of time, so you won’t find yourself reaching for another shot of caffeine when you start getting sleepy again. 

It Can Support Emotional Health and Well-Being

Many types of caffeinated beverages can leave you feeling jittery and anxious after you drink them. Even though matcha has nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, it can actually help to support calmness and relaxation, and provides energy and focus without any of the nervousness or restlessness often associated with caffeinated drinks. 

It’s Good for Oral Health

What’s more important than taking care of your teeth? Matcha tea can help to promote good oral hygiene and care, since it fights the bacteria that causes bad breath and many common oral hygiene conditions. 

Drinks like coffee can be very acidic, which actually contributes to the growth of bacteria in the mouth, so switching to a drink like matcha can make all the difference. 

It Can Promote Healthy Skin and Hair

Because matcha is so chock full of antioxidants and nutrients, it can actually be a great option for boosting healthy hair and nail growth and giving your skin a refreshed, healthy glow. It can improve your complexion, reduce the appearance of redness on your face, and even help you to manage oily skin types with ease. 

Matcha tea is great for many different skin types and skincare needs, so consider adding it to your breakfast—and your beauty routine—today! 

Does Matcha Tea Make You Poop?

Like the reason behind why coffee does make us poop, the answer is a little complicated. Unlike coffee, matcha probably won’t have us running to the bathroom every morning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be relied upon for its medicinal qualities and support. 

Matcha can be extremely supportive of the digestive system, thanks to its richness in antioxidants and nutrients, which also help to boost and support the immune system, oral hygiene, and other benefits, like the health of your hair and skin. 

When you drink matcha in safe quantities, you’ll simply have a boosted digestive system, which can mean an increased frequency of pooping, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

How To Safely Drink Matcha Tea

Like all good things, you’ll want to make sure that you’re drinking your matcha tea in a healthy and responsible way. That means paying close attention to how many cups of matcha tea you consume over the course of the day, just like you would with coffee or energy drinks. 

Matcha tea has significantly fewer side effects in the long and short-term than coffee, but that doesn’t mean you want to start consuming it in excess. 

The exact safe amount of matcha to consume is going to vary from person to person depending on your weight, diet, and overall health. The side effects that may follow excess consumption of matcha include headache, nausea, and difficulty sleeping so pay close attention to your body’s needs and reduce the amount of matcha you consume if you notice any of those symptoms. 


There are many reasons to consider adding matcha to your diet or reducing the amount of other caffeinated beverages you consume. Matcha has a great many benefits over other caffeinated drinks like coffee.

It can provide you with healthy, long-lasting energy that doesn’t come with jitters or a crash and can support heart health, a capable immune system, and even oral hygiene. 

Matcha is also an excellent option if you find that your morning coffee makes you poop. While matcha is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can contribute to healthy, supported digestion, you’ll likely find that you’re actually following a more healthy and routine system thanks to matcha’s great effects. 

It is also chock full of sweet and bold flavors, which means you can skip some of the added sugars and dairy products that are also known for causing stomach upset. 

Learn more about the great properties of matcha tea here at Tenzo Tea. We believe everyone deserves access to the information they need to support their overall health and wellness, which is why we’re sharing our expertise and experience with you, in addition to great matcha tea. Order yours and make your first cup at home today. 



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