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Sweeter Than Sugar

Sweeter Than Sugar

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Sweeter Than Sugar

Matcha- Clean, Green Energy 

We've all been there. You're dragging. You didn't get a good night's sleep and it’s showing. Your workout is looking less and less likely, and you’re just trying to get through the work day. You may be thinking that reaching for a Redbull or Monster will give you the kick you need, but we’re here to tell you that it’s likely doing much more harm than good. 


Sugar- First It’s Sweet, Then It’s Sour 

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We’re not going to sugar-coat this, sugar is terrible for you. And, although it may lead to a quick burst of energy, your time flying high will quickly come to an end with the infamous post-sugar crash. But, that’s not the only bad thing sugar has going for it. Here are 9 reasons to kick sugar to the curb. 

1. Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet.

Spoiler alert, this isn’t good news. Unstable blood sugar causes mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. It also contributes to cravings, which leads to weight gain. 

2. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Foods with a high sugar content negatively affect blood sugar and directly contribute to a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Excessive consumption of sugar has also been linked to cancer. 

3. Sugar lowers immunity.

Talk about kicking you while you’re down, studies have shown that sugar can interfere with the way your body fights diseases. Most bacterias can feed on sugar, so excess glucose in the body supports their reproduction and harms the immune system. 

4. A high-sugar diet leads to chromium deficiency.

Chromium is a mineral that helps regulate blood sugar in the body. While it can be found in meats, seafood, and plant foods, the majority of people do not get enough chromium because sugar starches make it useless.  

5. Sugar accelerates aging.

It’s not a secret that sugar can make you can weight. But in addition to affecting your weight, sugar can also make you look older. When sugar enters the bloodstream, it attaches to proteins. This causes the skin to lose elasticity and leads to premature aging like wrinkles and sagging. 

6. Sugar causes tooth decay.

There’s a reason why dentists only recommend sugar-free gum. Sugar and dental health don’t mix well at all. It’s easy to focus on the more serious side effects of excessive sugar consumption, but it’s still worth noting that if you want to keep your pearly whites, pearly white, skip the sugary drinks. 

7. Sugar causes gum disease. Gum disease causes heart disease.

Increasing evidence shows that chronic infections, like those that result from dental problems, play a significant role in the development of heart disease. It’s believed that this is a results of the connection between the body's inflammatory response and infection. 

8. Sugar increases stress.

Stress is unavoidable. But sugar, which causes stress certainly isn’t. When stressed, our bodies immediately kick into fight-or-flight mode, releasing large amounts of hormones. Unfortunately, the body has the same chemical response when blood sugar is low. So, when you eat a sweet snack, stress hormones begin to compensate for the inevitable crash by raising your blood sugar. This leads to anxiousness, irritability, shakiness, and even more stress. 

9. Sugar reduces your ability to absorb helpful nutrients.

According to USDA data, people who have the highest amount sugar consumption also have the lowest intakes of essential nutrients––especially vitamins A, C, B-12, and calcium. This is especially dangerous for children and teens, who usually consume the most sugar and need the most nutrients.

There you have it, nine fantastic reasons to cut back on your sugar consumption. This isn’t to say that you can’t treat yourself every now and again. Instead of reaching for an energy drink or sugary coffee every time you feeling sluggish, opt for something healthier. Then, indulge in that slice of chocolate cake or that tasty looking ice cream cone as a delicious treat.  But, just because you’re skipping the sugar-loaded caffeine kick, doesn’t mean you just have to suffer through sleepiness. The good news is that there’s a much healthier and equally effective option. 

We’re Spilling The Tea

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Not literally, because this precious green powder has made its way here all the way from Japan. But, we are spilling the tea on a sugar-free alternative to energy drinks, matcha. Matcha is a clean, green, energy machine. It’s packed with powerful nutrients and minerals, and has been shown to reduce your risk for disease. And, best of all, you can ride a matcha high without having to worry about an energy crash. 

Matcha has 72 mg of naturally occurring caffeine in every teaspoon with zero sugar and zero calories. Matcha also has a naturally occurring amino acid called "L-Theanine" which releases caffeine into the bloodstream slowly over time, giving you a more alert and sustained energy supply. If you want to read a little more about ditching sugary drinks for healthier and happier matcha, you can do so here. But, just know, that matcha beats out coffee and energy drinks in pretty much every category. In fact, here’s a side by side comparison of our matcha and RedBull. 

A Happier Happy Hour

Like we said, we’re all for treating yourself. So after you push through that workout or when you finally check the last thing off your to-do list, it’s definitely time for a reward. What better way to reward yourself than with a little homemade happy hour? A matcha cocktail has less sugar than the classic version, which means that you can indulge without worry. And, if you happen to ahem over indulge, you won’t have to worry about a sugar-fueled headache the next morning. 

Tenzo Gin Tonic (12oz drink)


  • 8 oz Tonic Water

  • 2 shot of Gin

  • 1/4 teaspoon Tenzo Matcha (.5g)

  • Lime


  1. In a glass, put a few cubes of ice

  2. Add 1 shot of Gin

  3. Add 8 oz Tonic Water

  4. Pour a green tea shot over top!

  5. Rim the glass w/ lime

  6. Add mint leaves (or another garnish)


Tenzo Mule (12oz drink)


  • Ginger Beer (10 oz)

  • Vodka

  • ½ oz Lime Juice

  • ¼ teaspoon Tenzo Matcha (.5g)


  1. In a glass, put a few cubes of Ice

  2. Add 1 Shot of Vodka

  3. Pour in Ginger Beer

  4. Add Lime Juice

  5. Pour a MATCHA SHOT over top!


Trade in your Redbull for better, cleaner energy! Get started on the matcha way of life with a Tenzo Matcha Starter Box

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