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5 Ways to Feel More Clear Headed

5 Ways to Feel More Clear Headed

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5 Ways to Feel More Clear Headed

Drifting off into space, searching for words, and having a hard time concentrating or spacing out are all signs of the dreaded brain fog. It happens to everyone, but why?

Why You’re Feeling Foggy

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 More often than not it's because you’re tired and your brain is exhausted. But, there are tons of reasons that you might be feeling this way. But, before we really get into the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s define exactly what we mean when we say brain fog. “Brain fog” is not a medical term, and there’s no test or bloodwork to confirm that you have it. It’s just a general term used to describe chronic mental fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and cognitive dysfunction. Brain fog is not a disease or medical condition, it is simply a reaction to certain circumstances. If you’re feeling unsure about whether or not you have brain fog, check out the list of symptoms below. 

Lack of Concentration 
When you can’t concentrate, mental tasks can feel like trying to fight your way through an overgrown forest. Rather than being able to zero in and navigate your way through, your mind constantly wanders off, making it borderline impossible to get anything done. 

Brain fog can also affect your ability to recall information. And, this doesn’t just apply to school or work, this can also look like forgetting your car keys or what you ate for dinner last night.

Chronic Fatigue
Everyone gets tired, but not everyone is tired every day, and that’s an important distinction. Chronic fatigue is characterized by extreme, never-ending tiredness that can’t be remedied by rest or caffeine.

Chronic fatigue is also a symptom of other disorders so if you’re experiencing this, consider talking to your doctor.

Mental Flatlining 
Instead of feeling sharp and active like you normally would, you just feel a little “off.” Perhaps there’s something you do each day that starts taking longer and longer or maybe you just don’t feel motivated.

Unfortunately, if you do feel like these things resonate with you it means you’re probably experiencing some sort of mental disconnect. And, this disconnect can put you at risk for developing anxiety and depression. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to stop brain fog in its tracks.

How to Clear The Fog

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  1. Change Up Your Diet

The food you eat makes up the fuel that your brain burns. So, it makes sense that poor gut health is one of the leading brain fog causes. And, we’re not just talking about processed foods (although they will definitely have you feeling a little foggy). Build up of bad bacteria in the guy can lead to inflammation in the body and brain, which can then make you feel foggy. So, if you’re experiencing brain fog, take extra steps to add probiotics to your routine.  

  1. Exercise

That post-exercise feel-good feeling we all know and love comes from endorphins. So it should be no surprise that exercising is a great way to clear brain fog. And, it doesn’t have to be an intense Crossfit or HIIT session. Even doing something less intense, like going on a daily walk, will improve the oxygen flow to your brain and help clear any fogginess. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Vitamin D when their internal skies are feeling cloudy?

  1. Have a Matcha & Meditation Session

You’re feeling unmotivated, tired, and uninterested. Is an activity where you focus on stillness and calm the best thing for you? Uh, yeah it is. Taking a moment to meditate and focus on the moment helps your brain relax and reset. Add a little calm focus from matcha to that meditation session, and you’ll be astonished at how refreshed you feel.  If you want to give it a try but don’t know where to start, check out our blog about it and we’ll let you in on all of our meditation secrets. 

  1. Play Some Brain Games

Doing crosswords and word searches might not seem like the flashiest of activities, but they’re really really good for your brain. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Use it or lose it,” this probably makes sense to you. Our brains function like muscles, the more we use them, the stronger they become. And, while a daily crossword might not send you pushing past a personal PR, it will help you prevent or get rid of brain fog. Instead of watching TV to wind down the evening, try a brain game. Even playing something like solitaire will help you clear your head. 

  1. Get More Sleep

Easier said than done, right? Absolutely. But, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for both your mental and physical health. When you sleep, your body relaxes and repairs itself, and your brain processes the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your mind doesn’t have a chance to catalog everything as it normally would, leading to brain fog. If you’re having trouble sleeping, swapping out your coffee for matcha and meditating, are extremely helpful. It’s also a good idea to avoid blue light (yeah, we’re talking about your phone screen) for an hour before you lay down. 


I Can See Clearly Now The Fog Has Gone

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And, there you have it. The recipe for a clearer head and sharper mind. As you can see, matcha will help you with pretty much all of these things. As both a prebiotic AND a probiotic, matcha is great for your gut health, and good gut health is great for a clear head. So, when you whip up your morning matcha, you’re helping your brain and your body. 

Matcha is also the perfect fuel for exercising. It won’t leave you feeling jittery, but it will give you the energy and focus you need to zero in on your workout. And, when you’re done with the day and ready to wind down, your matcha pre-workout won’t have you staring at the ceiling, waiting to fall asleep. The caffeine in matcha has a super-powerful partner, the amino-acid L-theanine, that eases caffiene's assualt on the brain and prevents it from interfering with your sleep patterns. So, matcha can help you get more sleep too.

All in all, if you want to feel more clearheaded, having a daily matcha drink is a great place to start. Of course, it’s not a magic wand that will fix everything, but pair it with a little know-how and some easy-to-do suggestions, and you’ll find yourself feeling sharp as a tack in no time.   

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