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What Are Alpha Waves?


What Are Alpha Waves?

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What Are Alpha Waves?

We’re always saying that matcha is great for both your mind and body, but when it comes to matcha, most people are familiar with its physical benefits. Think reduced inflammation, improved weight loss, and better energy levels… Brain benefits though are a different story. Your brain is a complex map of electrical activity, constantly firing, even when we’re asleep. And, understanding how your brain works and how to elevate your mind is much more complicated than discussing something like matcha’s caffeine levels.

 We think that matcha’s ability to boost your brain is one of its most impressive qualities, and we see this most with the production of alpha waves. So, today we’re putting matcha under the microscope and taking a deep dive into alpha waves, and what they do for you. 

What Are Alpha Waves?

what are alpha waves

First things first, what exactly are alpha waves? Your brain activity is measured as a function of “waves” based on cycles per second. These waves are actually groups of neurons sending electrical signals to other neurons, and they account for every thought, movement, and process within your body. The five most common types of brain waves are, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, with delta being the slowest and gamma being the fastest. Your brain produces delta waves in dreamless sleep and gamma waves during periods of intense mental concentration. 

What about alpha waves then? They’re in the middle of the pack, and they’re most often seen when you’re feeling calm and relaxed, but awake. Alpha waves are your brain’s way of regulating stress and emotions. And, a 2015 study, even showed that the production of alpha waves helps boost creativity. They act as a singular, but crucial part of your brain activity, in tangent with all the other types of waves. But, they’re often singled out because of their potential to help you feel calm and awake. 

Matcha Your Way Into A Flow State

alpha waves

Creative, calm, and alert sounds like a pretty good headspace to be in, and it’s how we at Tenzo define a flow state. When you’re in your flow state, you act without thinking. Your brain and body are one and you feel at peace. You can read more about the flow state in our blog here, but you can find plenty of examples elsewhere as well. Runner’s highs and fulfilling meditation sessions are two perfect examples of alpha wave production sending you into your flow state. Which begs the question, how can you boost alpha wave production

If you’ve made it this far, you probably know what we’re going to say. Matcha boosts alpha wave production. But, that’s not some folksy mambo jumbo or an out-of-touch belief… that’s just straight-up facts. Matcha is rich in the amino acid Theanine (also known as L-theanine), and wouldn’t you know it, Theanine has been scientifically proven to increase the production of alpha waves. In one study, scientists separated test subjects into groups of varying anxiety levels and administered doses of Theanine. Less than 40 minutes after the dose, they noticed a marked improvement in the number of alpha waves, and just as importantly, they didn’t see an uptake in the production of theta waves. This means that matcha helps you achieve the calm, relaxed feeling you’re looking for without making you feel tired. 

Take Control Of Your Energy 

There’s no doubt about it… if you want to feel alert and awake without feeling anxious or overstimulated, matcha should be your go-to drink. And, when you start drinking it every day, you’ll find that you slip into your flow state faster and faster. Your brain is a muscle and when you work that muscle with matcha, you’ll find that it gets even stronger. Improve your meditation practice, be more creative, you can even get a runner’s high without the run- matcha does it all and more.  With none of the downsides and all of the upsides, matcha is the clear choice for energy. 

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