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How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life


How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life

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How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life

You may have heard us reference what we call the “Tenzo lifestyle.” But, until now, we haven’t really gone into detail about what we mean. The Tenzo lifestyle is fueled by a healthy body & mind, an altruistic being, and of course, matcha. You live your life for the lessons, experiences, and relationships instead of focusing on material goods and possessions. If you’ve ever heard of the Japanese concept of Ikigai, then this isn’t new to you. In fact, it probably sounds quite familiar. And that’s because, similarly to our favorite beverage, The Tenzo lifestyle can be traced directly to Japan. 



Ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) is a Japanese concept that essentially means “a reason for being.” Like many words and phrases from foreign languages, there really isn’t a direct translation. Ikigai is formed from two Japanese words: iki, meaning “life” and kai, meaning “effect, result, worth or benefit.” Together, they’re “a reason for living. And although this concept is often boiled down to a “stop and smell the daisies” attitude, it’s actually much more than that. Ikigai isn’t just a momentary mindset. It is a way to live your life. It’s true that Ikigai values happiness in life over money and physical possessions. But it also takes on the rare task of recognizing that you do need money to live. And even though money doesn’t buy happiness, it does make it easier. 


And, speaking of easy… it’s easiest to think about ikigai as the common ground between:

  • What you love

  • What you care about

  • What the world needs

  • What you can get paid for


ikigai explained


As you can see above, Ikigai has a few essential qualities that separate it from the “follow your passion” mindset that it’s often mistaken for. Ikigai isn’t a life of doing what you love and letting the world carry on around you. It’s much more involved than that. The quest for Ikigai is not an easy one. In fact, it’s actually quite challenging. Ikigai takes time, but the rewards are numerous. Ikigai should lead to mastery in your chosen vocation, growth in your spiritual life, and comfort in your personal life. 


In many ways Ikigai can serve as a guide to help you navigate both career and life decisions. But, it should also help you make a postive impact on the world around you. At the center of a profitable career, charitable efforts, what you love doing, and the people you surround yourself with, you’ll find Ikigai. And, it doesn’t need to be something grand or exciting. You don’t need to work at a non-profit and donate 80% of your salary to achieve this. Instead, ikigai is all about the little things. Hobbies, friendships, community and travel all add to your ikigai.


A New/Old Concept

Although it’s a challenging path, the good news is that, according to Japanese culture, everyone has ikigai. It indicates the value that one finds in their life, or the things that make someone feel like their life is valuable. It encompasses both the mental and spiritual circumstances that are necessary to find and feel value. And, the best part of all of this is that it’s different for every person. There is no set standard for ikigai. Yours may be much different than those around you. It’s this flexibility that makes it so appealing. 

But, this isn’t the first time ikigai has made an appearance. It’s peak popularity in Japan was actually in the 70s. But because of the ever changing landscape of what it means to be happy and successful, it’s now made its way to the Western world.  


Matcha & Ikigai

matcha health benefits

So, what does ikigai have to do with matcha and Tenzo? Matcha more than you may think. As a company, we incorporate these ideals into every aspect of our operations. We’ve found a way to reach ikigai through matcha. We’re in a business that we love, and our team is made up of driven, creative, and considerate people. Our matcha is sustainably sourced from Japanese farmer’s and Tenzo has a long history of charitable efforts. 

And maybe, matcha can help you on your path to Ikigai too. Whether it’s a simple moment of mindful meditation in the morning while you’re making your matcha, the balanced energy of matcha that helps you power through the work day, or just the many health benefits of matcha, it offers support in your quest to lead a fulfilled life. And after all, that’s what the Tenzo lifestyle is all about, a healthy, happy body and mind. 

Grab a bag of tenzo tea
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