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Matcha Lychee Mojito (Non-alcoholic) - Tenzo Matcha

Matcha Lychee Mojito (Non-alcoholic)


Matcha Lychee Mojito (Non-alcoholic)

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Matcha Lychee Mojito (Non-alcoholic)

We don’t know whether it’s the fresh mint or the zest of lime that makes a mojito so refreshing, but wow, they are delicious. We’ve taken that familiar favorite a step further here with the delightful addition of lychee and matcha. 

Since you’re here, we’ll assume you already have some familiarity with the green goodness that is matcha (If you don’t just pop over here real quick for some matcha-related info). However, you are most likely wondering what exactly lychee is and what it tastes like. Lychee is a tropical fruit that originated in China but has since become popular worldwide for its unique flavor profile that resembles a sweet citrus fruit with a hint of rose. So, basically we’ve taken the sweet and sour flavors of a classic mojito and amplified them with these daring bonus ingredients. And, the best part about this beverage is that it’s non-alcoholic, which makes it appropriate for anyone and everyone. 

 We HIGHLY recommend using the lychee juice in place of honey, but either way you’ll get a lovely burst of sweetness. And don’t be afraid to grab a wooden spoon or rolling pin to muddle your ingredients. We’re all about ingenuity and fresh perspective here at Tenzo, so don’t let a little something like a missing muddler get in the way of your next treat.

Tenzo organic matcha green tea recipe


1 tbsp of honey OR 4 oz. of canned lychee syrup

3-4 mint leaves

5-6 pieces of lychee

1/2 lime

Carbonated water

1 scoop of matcha

1 scoop of ice

(1 Serving)

Step 1:

Whisk 1 scoop of matcha with hot or cold water. If you're using hot water to mix, set it aside and let it cool down. This creates a matcha shot.

Cut the lime into thin slices.

Tenzo Tea Matcha Green Tea health benefits recipe

Step 2:

Muddle the lime slices into the mint and honey. If you're skipping the honey, add the canned lychee syrup.

Tenzo Matcha green tea powder Lychee Mojito


Step 3:

Health Benefits from Tenzo matcha green tea latte


Add ice.

Add lychee.

Add carbonated water. Top off with the matcha shot.

Stir and enjoy.


If you can't find lychee in the market, you may find them here:

Canned lychees 

Canned lychees in light syrup 


Done already? Well then, it’s time to toast. Cheers to a delicious drink packed with super-powered ingredients and hidden health benefits. Who knew that mocktail hour could be so tasty? Spoiler alert, we did. But, now you do too. So get out there, and spread the word. 

This mojito drink is especially Instagram worthy, if we may say so ourselves. So don’t forget to tag us when you post yours, cause we definitely want to see more of these. 

Props to the chef (or mixologist in this case) Chhavy Sinuon. Check out her Instagram for more delicious treats, @floristabythebar. And, don't forget to tag her and let her know how much you enjoyed her creation!

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Recipe, Stylist, and Photographer is Chhavy Sinuon







Grab a bag of tenzo tea
and feel the healthy energy!

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