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DIY Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

DIY Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

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DIY Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Tenzo's Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Summer has come to an end. You probably had some fun in the sun and your skin shows it. All those UV rays may have given you a killer tan, but they also took a toll on your skin. Luckily, summer's end is the perfect time to try a matcha green tea face mask! The same properties that make matcha green tea beneficial for drinking are also what makes it great for the skin, especially EGCG, which is helpful in reducing inflammation and evening skin tone. Additionally, the antioxidants in matcha green tea can fight the damage done by UV-rays and may also be helpful for reducing acne and increasing skin elasticity. We at Tenzo Tea wanted to show you that matcha green tea can not only help you feel good on the inside, but can also help you look good on the outside!




  1. Mix the matcha green tea powder, honey, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint extract together in a small cup or bowl. If it looks like a thick, dark green, goopy substance then you’re ready to go.

  2. It's always best to test out new skin care regimens on your arm before you go in full force on your face as skin can react unpredictably with new products. So test the matcha green tea mask on a small patch of your inner arm and make sure your skin reacts well with the ingredients.

  3. After you’ve had a successful arm test, spread the mask in an even layer on your face. Do not put the face mask too close to the eyes as the tea tree oil and peppermint extract can be a little strong and might irritate them.

  4. It may sound silly to say this, but DO NOT EAT THE MASK. It is going to smell really good, and if you happen to accidentally get some in your mouth you’ll notice that it tastes really good as well ( the honey, mint, green tea is a great flavor combo). However, if you use tea tree oil in the mask you CANNOT eat it as tea tree oil is poisonous if swallowed. I had to tell Brody this several times to get him to stop licking his own face when we tried out the mask. If the smell of the matcha green tea mask is really making your mouth water, you should try out some of our matcha recipes (they use a lot of the same ingredients).

  5. Let the mask sit for at least twenty minutes. We kept ours on for a whole 45 the first time we tried it. You want to give your skin enough time to absorb all of the great ingredients.

  6. Wipe off as much of the matcha green tea mask as you can with some tissues first, and then rinse the rest off with water. Now go face the world with fresh, glowing skin!

Our Experience

First of all this mask worked. We put it on three different faces and saw improvement in all three of them. Brody’s pores noticeably shrank in size and he had some redness on his cheeks that disappeared after the mask. Robbie’s face was firmer, and brighter, with significantly smaller pores. My skin glowed, and I mean took selfies while sitting in traffic and posted them on Instagram glowed.

I mean 12 hours of sleep last night glowed.

I mean Beyonce pregnancy announcement glowed.

Okay, you get it.

But it all seriousness, this mask made a visible difference in the overall appearance of my skin, as well as Robbie’s and Brody’s so we really highly recommend it. 

The "Magic" in the Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

The matcha green tea mask's effectiveness comes from its natural ingredients. Each work together to gently moisturize, clarify, and balance your skin. 

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green tea powder for Matcha Green tea mask

Matcha is pulverized green tea, made from the entire leaf. Consuming matcha green tea has all kinds of health benefits*, and what makes it healthy to drink is also what makes it great for skin care! It is packed with a type of polyphenol called catechins that make matcha into a powerful antioxidant*. When used in a mask, the catechins in the matcha green tea help catch and deactivate the skin’s free radicals, to impede the many signs of premature aging*. Furthermore, all of those wonderful antioxidants work to fight the negative effects of free radicals and UV radiation and can help repair sun-damaged skin. The matcha green tea powder is much more concentrated than its liquid form, especially for skin care purposes, and because green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, matcha aids in treating skin conditions like rosacea and acne and can help even out your skin tone.


Honey for Matcha Green tea face mask

Honey has tons of benefits for the skin*. Honey is a natural humectant. It draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it's retained it in the layers where it's needed most for deep, long-lasting hydration. Honey also has enzymes in it that can clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. It's antibacterial so applying it to the skin can help to prevent bacterial buildup that can lead to breakouts or other skin imbalances. Plus, Honey is anti-inflammatory, thus it can help to reduce any redness or irritation on the skin. Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties coupled with its antibacterial properties help to reduce the appearance of scars, promote healing and tissue regeneration and even out skin tone. Furthermore, honey makes a great treatment for sunburned skin. It moisturizes the deepest layers of your skin while it's anti-inflammatory properties help to calm burned skin and aid recovery.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer. It helps to deeply strengthen skin tissue and eliminate dead skin cells while absorbing quickly into your skin. Coconut oil also helps to delay the occurrence of wrinkles because it contains antioxidant Vitamin E, known to protect skin cells from damage over time. The Vitamin E found in coconut oil soothes eczema, sunburn, and psoriasis, and its antiviral and antifungal benefits even help to treat bug bites. Coconut oil contains 3 fatty acids: capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. Each of these acids kills candida, a common cause of fungal infection on your skin. Coconut oil deeply moisturizes while also fighting bacteria, keeping skin soft, smooth, and break-out free. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil for matcha green tea face mask

Tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties*. It's been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Australia to fight disease and treat wounds. Modern science has recently begun to verify the effectiveness of using tea tree oil to treat a number of ailments such as acne, psoriasis, sores, and sunburns. Tea tree oil works on pimples* because it has disinfecting and soothing properties. The oil penetrates the blockage between your skin and sebaceous glands, disinfecting the pores, and drying out whiteheads and blackheads. However, if you have sensitive skin or are eczema-prone, you may want to skip this ingredient or replace it with a gentler oil like lavender. Also, be sure to buy a diluted solution to use for the mask as the pure form is much too harsh to put directly on your face.

You don't deserve blemishes. Get clear skin today with Tenzo Tea's organic matcha powder!

Want to learn more? Here's a great article that includes 30 of the best uses for Tea Tree Oil.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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