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Explained: Health Benefits of Matcha


Explained: Health Benefits of Matcha

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Explained: Health Benefits of Matcha

What are the Health Benefits of Matcha?

Starting its reign in Japan, matcha has become a global phenomenon in recent times. You might be wondering: why is matcha so popular? Here’s a spoiler: green tea has a lot of health benefits in itself, but what makes matcha different? Matcha is loaded with the nutrients your body is begging for. Let's explore them!

Matcha is the antioxidant capital!

Antioxidants are healthy compounds which keep you healthy and prevent aging, and matcha green tea is one of the best sources of them. Regular green tea provides your body with antioxidants but since matcha is stone-ground green tea, it provides a greater quantity of the compound. The amount of catechins, a natural antioxidant found in green tea leaves, is 137 times greater in matcha than in any other green tea.

Other foods with antioxidants

Even though antioxidants are sufficiently available in other food items that we may consume daily, their abundance in matcha outgrows all! Tufts University experts used the testing method called ORAC (Oxygen radical absorption capacity) and discovered that Matcha has a rating of massive 1773 units per gram where pomegranates have 105 units and blueberries have 93 units per gram.

Improve your brain function with matcha

You would be surprised to know that various researches have confirmed matcha’s ability to enhance brain functioning. In one study, when compared with placebo, matcha resulted in increased attention, reaction time and memory.

Caffeine and L-Theanine in Match

Matcha has a healthy amount of caffeine, which is proven to provide brain stimulation, resulting in enhanced functioning. Matcha also has a good amount of L-Theanine, which is another compound. It helps with altering the effects of caffeine, encouraging alertness and helping subside the crash in energy levels following caffeine consumption. The same compound is also said to increase alpha wave activity in the brain which in turns induces relaxation and relieves you of stress.

Matcha Weight Loss Regimen

Matcha is very popular as a weight loss drink and rightfully so. If green tea uses part of the green tea leaf, imagine the effectiveness of consuming the whole leaf! Indeed, you can lose weight with matcha but only if you know how to make matcha correctly – it is a make or break situation.

Matcha will help you burn calories and boost your metabolism. It enhances the body’s thermogenesis, allowing for more burned calories during and after a workout, so it multiplies the effectiveness. One study suggested that consumption of matcha green tea increased the thermogenesis rate from a normal 8% - 10% of regular energy expenditure to 35% - 43%. It doesn’t even put any stress on the body. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Matcha reduces risk of cancer

We have already seen at how matcha is loaded with compounds which help fight chronic diseases. There have been numerous animal studies where doses of matcha have assisted in fighting cancer cells. In one of these studies, rats were injected with green tea extract and it resulted in decreased tumor size with slow growth of breast cancer.

Another study concluded that the EGCG in matcha facilitated in the killing of the prostate cancer cells. EGCG is the kind of catechin which has shown influential anti-cancer characteristics.

Matcha green tea as a natural detoxifier

If you have ever seen regular green tea and matcha green tea powder, the emerald or jade green color of the matcha would have caught your attention. Matcha powder owes its green color to the amount of chlorophyll in the green tea leaves. Since matcha production is different than the regular green tea in the sense that it is shade-grown, it allows for more chlorophyll creation. It is why matcha is an excellent body detoxifier, helping you get rid of chemicals and heavy metals from your body.

Matcha and your heart

Cardiovascular diseases are common worldwide and green tea has shown potential to deal with such diseases. Now, we know green tea and matcha share the same nutrient profile but only matcha has more of everything. Hence, matcha’s ability to enhance the heart condition is greater as well.

Research has shown that green tea reduces levels of total and bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Moreover, it probably prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol which in turn protects against heart diseases. Overall, with a balanced lifestyle and food habits, matcha can regulate the heart health more effectively than you can imagine.

Healthy liver with matcha

Drinking matcha will affect your overall body and your vital organs probably more than others. The liver is yet another crucial organ as it helps facilitate flush toxins out of your body, metabolizes drugs and processes nutrients. You would not want to compromise its functioning.

Studies have shown that matcha is healthy for the liver, enabling it to function effectively. In a study when diabetic rats were given matcha for 16 weeks, it aided in averting the damage to kidneys and liver, both. Then, a wholesome analysis of 15 studies concluded that consumption of green tea is correlational to decreased risk of liver diseases.

Matcha – A wholesome health package!

After learning all the health benefits, you might be wondering what matcha tastes like. After all, it is a common conception that healthy food doesn’t taste really good. Well, matcha is an amazingly diverse flavor and it can be as delicious as you want. Hence, you can enjoy the goodness of matcha and devour the spectacular health benefits it has to offer!

Grab a bag of tenzo tea
and feel the healthy energy!

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