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Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss and Burning Fat? - Tenzo Matcha

Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss and Burning Fat?


Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss and Burning Fat?

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Why Matcha is Good for Weight Loss and Burning Fat?

So how do you lose weight with Matcha?

Let's talk matcha and weight loss potential! Interestingly, it's become common knowledge that green tea has natural weight loss benefits, but few people really understand why.

Is Matcha a hype?

No! Don't fall for it. We will share the health benefits, reasons with scientific research to help you understand the actual benefits.

What's Matcha?

Some people consider Matcha just green tea, which it's not! Matcha is made from green tea, but it's much more powerful. For now, think of matcha as just another name for green tea.

So before we learn more about its weight-loss attributes. Let's understand this.

Matcha was first discovered in China, back in the reign of the Tang Dynasty. However, the Buddhist monks brought it to Japan. The sole intention was to meditate effectively.

For more than the last 1000 years, the Japanese have been using Matcha as an integral part of their culture. Premium quality Matcha is grown in the Uji region of Japan.

Why is Matcha confused with Green Tea?

Matcha is the purest, highly concentrated form of green tea. There's a ton of differences in health benefits and taste between the two.

While the green tea leaves are picked from shrub Camellia Sinensis. The difference between green tea and Matcha is in its processing.

The leaves intended to become matcha are grown with shade cloth (20-30 days before harvest) to prevent 80% or more of the light from reaching the plants. 

Such a process helps nurture the plants, minimize oxidization, increase chlorophyll, increase in amino acids, and improve the taste.

Can Matcha help to lose weight?

There are three answers to it, a yes, a bigger yes and an ever bigger YES!

Here's the how and why of it:

Fewer Calories

Matcha has only about 3 calories in each serving. 

Metabolism-Boosting Antioxidants

There's one super-powerful antioxidant we should talk about namely Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

Good news is Matcha has 137 times more of EGCG content than green tea

While having Matcha, you're consuming whole green tea leaves, unlike green tea where it's just the steeping leaves in hot water.

So with Matcha, you're flushing out toxins, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation 137 times more! As you know, these prevent excessive weight gain and tremendously help in weight loss.

Enhanced Metabolism

With a slower metabolic rate, you can never let go of the fat no matter how less of whatever you eat.

Good news Matcha is found to increase slacking metabolism. The catechins in Matcha increases the metabolism rate.

Fat Burner

Burning fat is purely a biochemical process. It's breaking down a large portion of fat into small triglycerides. So these must be used up or excreted to burn fat.

With rich catechins, the body's thermogenesis is increased from merely 10% to up to a whopping 43%!

So drinking it will improve your exercise endurance and help burn fat.

Blood Glucose Balancer

There shouldn't be a continuous spike in blood sugar (glucose) levels. It can be the cause of being diabetic and insulin resistant.

Matcha has a high amount of dietary fiber, which makes you feel full for quite a while. So it prevents you from overeating, thus preventing your glucose level too. Eventually, it could prevent you from Type 2 Diabetes.

Stress Reducer

The stress hormone namely cortisol is secreted due to stress. Higher stress cause inflammation.

Do you know the worst side effect of constant stress?

Yes, getting fatigued, being tired, rather restless are part of it. But the worst thing is you gain weight! Your belly in particular gains most weight.

The range of Matcha antioxidants with naturally occurring L-theanine lowers stress and prevents you from potential weight gain triggers.

Energy Provider

What's the best thing about Matcha?

You get tons of energy, become highly pro-active and fresh. But then coffee does the same, so why Matcha.

Well, besides the differences in health benefits. Coffee jitters are commonly known to everyone. You get a sudden boost of energy but then badly crash later during the day.

With Matcha, you are always fresh! No crash, no jitters. Period.

Cholesterol Reducer

Scientists ran a few experiments on EGCG, the antioxidant.

One of which was, a few rats in the laboratory were fed high cholesterol food for 30 continuous days! The results were amazing, EGCG helped in reducing bad cholesterol.  

Super Detoxification Agent

So what causes weight gain, anyways?

Bad lifestyle, to sum it all up. Such bad eating habits lead to an increase in body toxic. That eventually causes weight gain!

The best way to fight weight problems is to use a good detoxifying agent.

After learning all these benefits, what better could be than Matcha! It can flush out all the harmful free oxygen radicals.

All in all, it not only helps in losing weight, preventing constipation, overhauling digestion but also help to keep overall great health!

Interested in more about Matcha?

Did you know Tenzo Matcha is perfect for better energy and focus?

Know the technical differences between Matcha and Green Tea or just know more about what makes best Matcha best.

Interested in Matcha recipes? Start here with our great Matcha lemonade recipe.


Grab a bag of tenzo tea
and feel the healthy energy!

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