Crush your Workout with the Caffeine in Matcha!

Crush your Workout with the Caffeine in Matcha!

by Emma Hampton June 29, 2018

Behind every successful workout is a healthy amount of caffeine. Or, at least, there should be.

In the past few years, pre-workout supplements filled with caffeine have become all the rage. Just like any other health trend, we wanted to take a deep dive to understand just how good working out with caffeine really is.

We found many common trends among experts that explain why every workout should start with a quick dose of caffeine! In matcha, the natural dosage of caffeine was found to have the best effects for your workout!

1.Improve your performance with more energy

As we all know, the main job of caffeine is to energize our bodies. Naturally, if you drink it before your workout, you will feel more energized. There are 72 mg of caffeine in matcha from Tenzo Tea. This means longer runs, more reps, and much more energy to maximize your gym time.

2. The energy from caffeine in matcha lasts longer 

Not only do you get a higher boost of energy, but you can maintain that energy longer, bringing you a more balanced workout! Once you consume caffeine, it reaches its peak in your bloodstream roughly 90-100 minutes later. As your natural energy wears off, the caffeine energy kicks in, bringing you greater endurance, and a greater resistance to fatigue. Plus, the natural caffeine in matcha from Tenzo Tea is known to provide a more sustained and comfortable buzz. Say goodbye to grudging through your last few sets and hello to fierce intensity until the very end.

3. Your brain is more focused

Caffeine is not just better for your body, but also for your brain. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which leads to greater productivity, more focus, and a greater reaction time. All of these benefits mean you and your muscles will be more engaged in your workout. Plus, due to the L-theanine that accompanies caffeine in matcha, you will end up in a better mood and feel more relaxed. This will turn your workout from a hassle to the best part of your day.

4. Reap benefits from the caffeine in matcha post-workout

Caffeine continues to improve your body long after your workout ends in two ways. First, caffeine boosts your metabolism. By working out with it in your system, you’re kickstarting your body to keep sizzling the calories even after you leave the gym. Plus, caffeine also decreases muscle pain by up to 48%. By working out with caffeine you will burn more fat and feel less sore! Win-win!

As for how to get your caffeine, you should stay away from pre-workout substances which are filled with chemicals, and usually contain an unhealthy and unnecessary amount of caffeine for one serving. Instead, scientists recommend Matcha Green tea as the best source.

You can easily shake up your Tenzo Matcha and take the perfect workout drink to-go. Each serving has just the right amount of caffeine perfect for a healthy, sustained workout!

Get your boost today with Tenzo Tea and take your workouts to the next level.

Emma Hampton
Emma Hampton


Green eyed, green-tea loving girl. Part UCLA student, part entrepreneur, full lover of all things Matcha.

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