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A Nutritionist's Take on Matcha


A Nutritionist's Take on Matcha

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A Nutritionist's Take on Matcha

If you’ve heard us talk about the magic of matcha once, you’ve heard us talk about it many times. And more often than not, we’re discussing exactly why matcha is so much better than other forms of caffeine. Compared to coffee, matcha offers a sustained source of energy without the dreaded coffee jitters, disruption of sleep, and unwanted headaches. When you drink matcha the inherent lack of jitters means that you have a brain and body that’s alert and awake but with a serene overall feeling. At Tenzo, we call this feeling “calm focus.” Because of this calm focus, matcha drinkers often experience a reduction in anxiety symptoms and better sleep. And guess what? We have good news for you. You don’t have to listen to us talk about the magic of matcha anymore (for now at least). 

We’ve called on CHN Certified Holistic Nutritionist and wellness blogger, Alexa Sagon, to speak on her experiences with matcha and the calm focus that it brings. When she’s not sharing tips and tricks for navigating the journey to a healthy mind and body, you’ll find her traversing through the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest with her precious pup and fiance. But enough from us, it’s time to turn things over to Alexa and hear what she has to say about matcha. 


Alexa Sagon, CHN Certified Holistic & Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutritionist

matcha health benefits

I honestly never imagined there would come a day when I would willingly trade my precious cup of joe for a cup of matcha green tea. ☕➡🍵
Coffee was my go-to beverage. I loved it. I would drink at least a few cups a day without even batting an eye. Like most people, I felt like I couldn’t function without it. But lo and behold, that day came when I traded in my coffee latte for a matcha latte and never looked back. 😊It wasn’t easy at first but it was worth it as I made it a regular part of my routine.

What prompted me to make a switch was the development of anxiety and the need to find something that worked better with my body. I didn’t realize that my coffee addiction could be fueling my already anxious feelings. I paid more attention to how I felt when drinking it and I recognized that it made my anxiety symptoms much worse – jitters, jumpiness, racing heart, nervousness, sleeping trouble. Coffee doesn’t actually cause anxiety, but it can mimic anxious feelings especially in those who have anxiety or related disorders. High doses of coffee or caffeine can especially induce feelings of anxiety. I also struggled occasionally with an upset stomach from coffee.

When I switched over to matcha, it was like a whole new world. It felt so much different than coffee but in a good way. 

🏃🏾‍♀️I felt gently energized throughout the day without a crash and burn like coffee
🍵I only needed one cup to get me through the day vs multiple cups of coffee
🧠I felt mentally alert and focused
💆🏾‍♀️I felt calmer than I ever did on coffee thanks to the l-theanine in matcha
👋🏾I didn’t feel jittery or overly anxious
💥I didn’t get feelings of a caffeine rush or adrenaline
✅I didn’t experience any upset stomach

Matcha has completely replaced coffee for me and become a regular part of my routine – I drink it every single day. I couldn’t imagine going back to coffee! It’s helped me improve my anxiety symptoms while simultaneously providing loads of health benefits. I feel so much more alert and focused throughout the day and can get more done without the distracting side effects of things like jitters. Matcha is something I can truly drink with confidence. 🤧If I could tell my past self anything it would be to switch to matcha sooner!

⚡Tip: If you are wanting to transition from coffee to matcha, start slowly to prevent side effects of caffeine withdrawal which can include headaches and fatigue. Matcha still contains caffeine but in a much smaller amount than coffee so you are less likely to experience significant side effects if you were to quit cold turkey. Try just replacing your second cup of coffee with matcha. Once you feel comfortable there, swap out your morning cup every other day and then work up to every day!

matcha and coffee

There are many, many reasons to swap out your daily cup of coffee for matcha, and this is just one of them. But, as you can see, even if you're only switching to matcha because you're concerned about your sleep patterns or because you want a better source of energy, you'll experience all of the wonderful benefits it offers. As a certified nutritionist, Alexa offers a unique perspective on matcha and how it interacts with both your physical and mental health. But you don't have to be a nutritionist to make the switch and see the differences for yourself. Check out her website here or hop on over to her Instagram to see what she's up to on the daily. You'll likely discover some brand new ways to enjoy our favorite beverage. 

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I quit coffee for matcha. It was hard at first. But Tenzo helped me succeed. I’m a new person because of it! And the packaging is so pretty and the Matcha is so yummy! I definitely recommend Tenzo!