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12 Tips for Healthier Lifestyle


12 Tips for Healthier Lifestyle

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12 Tips for Healthier Lifestyle

We sat down with our good friend and yoga instructor in Santa Monica, Margo, to tell us some small things she tries to do throughout the day to feel healthier and more productive. Here are 12 tips for little changes that will make a big difference.


Make your bed immediately after you wake up.

This gets your brain started to accomplish more tasks throughout your days. Also, by starting off by achieving a small victory so early in your day, you’re setting the tempo for the rest of the day. The best part is, even after a long and hard day, you get to come home to a made bed. That way, you are starting and ending with a clean and productive energy.

Drink a full glass of water before any caffeine

By waking up with a cup of water, this helps purify your internal systems, including cleansing the colon, which makes your body more receptive to nutrients. Then, you can get your day going with your caffeine preference. Margo likes more natural sources, and she now swears by Tenzo Tea Matcha.

Start with a run or exercise usually somewhat early in the morning.

Margo usually runs on an empty stomach, with only her tea and maybe an apple or banana beforehand. Getting moving in the morning gets your metabolism going and helps you beat that early morning slump.

Eat a healthy and protein-heavy breakfast.

Margo usually tries to eat 2-3 eggs plus some beans or toast. By eating a healthy breakfast, you’ll be less likely to snack as much throughout the day and be less starving by the time lunch comes around. That also means you’ll make purposeful decisions at lunch and keep your healthy streak running.


While we can’t all be yoga teachers, there are still some skills that can be applied to everyday events in your lives. Here are some of the tips Margo gives to help her prepare for teaching her class, which she also uses before important meetings and presentations.

Open your mind

Be prepared for the task at hand, but understand that with many moving parts and lots of different people contributing, things could change at any time. By starting with an open mind, big changes will feel more manageable, and you will ultimately be more prepared.

Bring Genuine Energy

Check in with your own energy, and bring it as it is. People can see through superficial facades. At the same time, be open to other people’s energies, and begin to read where everyone else is at. If there is super high energy, you may be able to start stronger in your presentation. If there’s a groggy lull among the room, start with a longer warm up to get everybody up to pace. Not everybody can be as energized and focused as those of us who start our day with Tenzo Tea.

Pick an Intention

Before each yoga class, Margo offers an intention or challenges everybody to think of their own. This is one word, phrase, or idea that you apply to the entire activity. This may be something you’ve found yourself doing well lately or something you want to work on. This doesn’t just work for a yoga class. You can set your own intention to any activity, workday, or week. By picking one concept to direct your energy towards, you will be able to focus more.


Clean up after yourself after completing a task

Whether this is in your office space at work, in your car, or at home, by putting things away right after you use them will keep your workload smaller for later, and help minimize the buildup of stress. Margo loves doing dishes after she eats to help beat the food coma and keep moving after a meal.

Spend some time Meditating

Guided mindfulness can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes. The more time you spend, the more refreshed, focused and energized you will feel. But even if you don’t much time, try closing your eyes and counting your breaths for 2-5 minutes. Matcha can get you going in the morning, but re-centering yourself with a look inward will help you finish your day strong.


Whether you’re stuck in a seat all day at an office job, or have long days on your feet, stop for a few minutes to stretch your muscles. This helps you maintain good posture, prevent injuries, and naturally relieve stress.


Before you go to bed, there are some things to help you close out your day and make your morning easier.

Pack a lunch if you have a busy tomorrow

If tomorrow is a busy day, spend a few minutes after preparing dinner while you’re still in the kitchen to set aside some food for lunch tomorrow. This will help you in the morning so you aren’t rushing, and ensure you’ve got healthy options available. You’ll also have to stress less & spend less money or time around lunchtime to buy a meal.

Write a list of all the things you need to do tomorrow

Start by writing one thing you’d be happy with your day if you completed tomorrow. Then write down the rest of the things you need to do in order from most to least important, starting with when you wake up. This will not only help your day be more organized tomorrow, but it will also help you fall asleep faster if you’re not stressed thinking about all the things you have to do.

Even by implementing just a few of these tips, we believe you will start feeling better and living a more productive life.

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