What is Matcha Green Tea?


Tenzo Tea distributes wholesale and bulk matcha around the Southern California Region. Tenzo Green Tea Matcha is 100% organic, and is known to be the healthiest drink on the planet.


Words from Tenzo Partners

Workout Drinks - Feed the Machine

"We are big fans of both the flavored and premium Tenzo teas. The flavored teas offer a well-balanced, smooth, and mild matcha flavor. The Premium Matcha is an amazing product that is ideal for purist among us who prefer the simple taste of matcha without the added sugar or flavors. We liked matcha before having Tenzo Tea but now we LOVE matcha."

Cyril Jay-Rayon - Owner, Feed the Machine

Haute Cakes - Tenzo Matcha

"We love the personalized experience that Tenzo Tea offers us, they are always eager to help out. Not to mention, their Matcha is delicious!"


Liza - Manager, Haute Cakes 

Berlin Bistro - Tenzo Tea

Berlin Bistro

420 E 4th St

Long Beach, CA 90802

Hot Java - Tenzo Tea Partner

Hot Java

2101 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803

Dogtown Coffee - Tenzo Tea Partner

Dogtown Coffee

2003 Main St

Santa Monica, CA 90405

 Haute Cakes - Tenzo Tea Partner

Haute Cakes

1807 Westcliff Dr

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Acai King - Tenzo Tea

Acai King

602 Pacific Coast Hwy

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Deja Brew - Tenzo Tea Partner

Deja Brew

2771 E Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803

Earthly Juices - Tenzo Tea Partner

Earthly Juices

2003 Main St

Santa Monica, CA 90405

 Porrovita - Tenzo Tea Partner


3000 Newport Blvd

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Feed the Machine - Tenzo Tea

Feed the Machine

1016 Aviation Blvd

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Tanner's Coffee - Tenzo Tea Partner


200 Culver Blvd

Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Viento Y Agua - Tenzo Tea Partner

Viento Y Agua

4007 E 4th St

Long Beach, CA 90814

 Roots Gourmet - Tenzo Tea Partner

Roots Gourmet

6473 Pacific Coast Hwy

Long Beach, CA 90803


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