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When Steve and I were playing volleyball at UCLA, we were on the grind everyday - working out, eating right, studying for good grades and doing our best to keep up.

Our energy was in high demand. The days were long and we needed to be our best week in and week out. We were always looking for a boost of energy and for a long time, we thought coffee was our best bet.

The problem was each cup of the murky brown always came paired with a jittery tension, a sick feeling in our stomach and a massive energy crash. Coffee left us unable to focus and the worst part - it left us dehydrated. A big NO NO for a healthy life.

While researching the healthiest forms of energy, we found Matcha Green Tea.

We learned about the extended caffeine release, the health benefits and the long standing tradition in Japanese culture with deep roots in mindful meditation and mental clarity.

Immediately it called to us. We bought some matcha powder and sloppily mixed up our first matcha tea. But it didn’t matter how it looked. The clean, green, caffeine sang right through. Our focus came back. We had energy for the whole day.

After a couple weeks of drinking matcha we felt less irritable and realized that the sick feeling in our stomach was gone. We didn’t have to worry about coffee breath or yellow stained teeth. We started sleeping better at night.

Steve and I realized that everyone needs to try matcha to understand how good they can feel. The benefits on your mood, energy, and overall well being are almost too good to be true.

Tenzo Tea was founded on July 1st, 2016 to provide the best matcha green tea to the self-optimizers and healthy lifestylers of the world.


When selecting Tenzo’s Matcha we knew we we couldn’t accept anything less than the best. We flew to Japan to find you the best Matcha green tea on the planet. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service to make your experience with Tenzo one of a kind. We’re so confident you’ll love Tenzo Tea that we guarantee money back if you’re not a fan.



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Steve O'Dell | Co-founder, CEO |