How to Make Matcha Tea

How to Make Matcha Tea

by Robbie Page November 18, 2016 1 Comment

Brewing a perfect cup of matcha is easy. We compiled some of Tenzo’s trade secrets to make sure your first brew is a success.

Traditionally, matcha is prepared in two different styles - koicha (literally translated to “thick tea”) and usucha (meaning “thin tea”). The concentration of Matcha to water is the defining point between these two styles of preparation. When preparing koicha, it is best to use a higher quality Matcha with a vibrant color, natural sweetness, and a strong umami taste. A lesser grade Matcha will work just fine for a thin cup of tea, but thick or thin, nothing will top a cup of matcha tea. At Tenzo Tea we believe it takes some taste-testing to determine your personal preference when it comes to the perfect cup.

Here are the easy steps to a perfect Matcha brew:

  1. Start with 1 teaspoon of Matcha to a round bottom bowl

  2. Add 2 ounces of hot water

  3. Whisk briskly with a M/W motion to create a smooth concentrate

  4. Add another 2-6 oz of water to top off your Matcha Tea

The ideal temperature for the water is 175-180° F. Using boiling water (212°F) can burn the delicate green tea leaves and may leave you with a bitter taste.

  • Boil water → Transfer from heating container → Let it sit for 1 minute

  • Pull your water off the heat right before it begins to boil  

A bamboo whisk is an essential tool for breaking up the small clumps of green tea and creating a smooth and consistent cup. A bowl or cup with a large surface area will work best once you get to the whisking.

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Comment below and share your experience! We hope you enjoy a perfect cup of matcha!

Robbie Page
Robbie Page


Robbie is the Matcha Man. He grew to be 7 feet tall due in large part to the outrageous amount of Green Tea he drank as a kid. Now he loves to share his wisdom for the Healthiest Drink on the Planet.

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Koz Mraz
Koz Mraz

May 10, 2017

I was looking for a replacement for the sugary Starbucks Green Tea Latte and bumped into the Tenzo group in Portfolios. BINGO, the perfect blend and taste combination. I recommend Tenzo Tea to all.

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