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We’ve all been there. It’s 11 AM and you’re not even halfway through the day. You started this morning with a standard latte and now all you can feel is the anxious jitters and a mind-numbing energy crash.
For a long time, we thought coffee and energy drinks were our best bet for a caffeinated boost, but everything changed when we found matcha.
The first time you try Tenzo, you'll notice a tingly energized feeling that starts in your toes and leaves you calm and focused. About a half hour after your first glass, you'll feel alert, energized and ready to catch flies with chopsticks.
Three hours later... YOU'LL STILL FEEL GREAT!
We started Tenzo Tea to share better energy with the world and give back to those who need it most. We believe the world deserves better energy.

Robbie Page


High-quality, Ceremonial matcha

Perfect for green tea enthusiasts, matcha first-timers and everyone in between. Tenzo’s matcha is Ceremonial Grade, USDA Organic and 100% Green Tea.

Delicious Green Tea Flavor

Tenzo has a flavor that is complex, rich, aromatic, astringent and leaves an alluring sweetness with every sip.

The full-bodied flavor tastes smooth and refreshing with just water and holds up strong when paired with milk and other matcha mixers.

How & when to drink

Drink Tenzo hot or iced. Add nut milk or the sweetener of your choice.

Sip first thing in the morning to prepare for the day ahead. Take a double dose to beat the afternoon slump.

energy without the jitters or crash

The natural caffeine in Tenzo will gently pick you up, provide you with an extended energy boost and then will let you softly back down to earth.

The effect is extremely pleasant for most people because you don’t experience any of the jitters, anxiety or crash associated with the caffeine from coffee.

“It’s a Matcha Movement:
Fans say matcha provides a calmer,
more sustained energy burst than coffee or espresso.”

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“Delish way to start my mornings! I love to relax with a hot cup of Tenzo to meditate & reflect on the day ahead.”

- Rebekah B, Tenzo Subscriber

“For me, I’m a busy mom and the subscription is a monthly treat/gift to myself. I look forward to my monthly boxes!”

- Tauja C, Tenzo Subscriber

“Tenzo brings me a sense of peace and well being. I call Tenzo my "matcha medicine" because of all the health benefits. I have it every morning without fail."

- Maria S, Tenzo Subscriber

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Diane Dillon

verified buyer

I quit coffee for matcha. It was hard at first. But Tenzo helped me succeed. I’m a new person because of it! And the packaging is so pretty and the Matcha is so yummy! I definitely recommend Tenzo!