Tenzo® Adventure Bundle - Tenzo Matcha

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Adventure Bundle - 90 Packets

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review

Kick your coffee habit to the curb with the highest-quality matcha. Unlimited recipes for you to enjoy in 1 minute or less.

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  • FREE GIFT: Eco-Friendly Shaker Bottle
  • 9 boxes of easy-to-use, USDA organic matcha
  • 90 total packets, each packed with 2 grams of matcha
  • Long-Lasting Energy (without the crash, jitters, or anxiety)
  • Zen-Like Focus & Clarity (changes brain waves to Alpha state)
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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Tenzo is the highest quality matcha for less than $1/ serving. Mix 1/2 tsp into water or milk and enjoy it hot or cold depending on the weather. The Tenzo Communi-tea loves getting creative with sweetened lattes, tea, smoothies and more!

Serving Size 1/2 tsp (1 gram)

  • Calories 5
  • Fat 0g
  • Sodium 0g
  • Carbohydrates 1g
  • Sugar 0g
  • Fiber 1g
  • Protein 0g



What You Need

Concentration & Focus
Immune Boost
No Chemicals
No Crash, No Jitters



1 tsp Tenzo + 2 oz water


Mix it up! This makes your Tenzo Shot


Add your ice


Add 6 oz of water or milk




4.8/5 rating
Wake Up Excited

“I wake up excited to start my day with Tenzo. I look forward to it, and it brings me joy. I don’t feel my heartbeat or anxiety increasing like after drinking coffee. I have a maintained level of energy.”

Sam H.

“Health. I have been drinking two servings of Tenzo a day and since, I’ve stopped all of my prescription muscle relaxers, nerve & the anti-inflammatory meds. I have less back and joint pain now than on all of those meds.”

Scotty G.
Feel Brighter

“I just feel better. I feel sharper, clearer, brighter, and perhaps most of all content knowing I’m making a better choice for my body and mind. Plus, that intense green is SUCH a vibe.”

Shawn K.
Necessary Boost

“When I started drinking Tenzo 2 years ago I lost 9 pounds over the next 2 weeks with zero other life changes (I already ate healthfully and worked out 6 days a week). It was the boost I needed I guess. 🙂”

Cathleen K.
Sustained Energy

“Sustained energy without the jitters and the crash. I have anxiety, and coffee was making my symptoms worse. But I still needed the pick me up.”

Sally O.
No More Anxiety

“When I used to drink coffee, I would get anxiety out the a$$! With Tenzo, I feel like I can drink it everyday, several TIMES a day, and not get that anxiety. It’s wonderful!”

Katie B.


Tenzo is ceremonial organic, the best matcha for the price guaranteed.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Treat Yourself and Your Friends to TENZO

Caffeine you can care about

Is it time for an honest assessment of your relationship with coffee and energy drinks? Tenzo supports you every day with quality, organic caffeine for calm energy. It boosts your immune system and may even help reduce anxiety! Matcha gives a gentle energy boost while changing your brain waves to a relaxed alpha state with natural l-theanine. Precisely 72 mg of natural, non-jittery caffeine per packet. Need a boost? We feel you, just add an extra packet!

Anything is possible with Tenzo

The thousands of people in the Tenzo community believe it. They're living it. A better way of life with endless possibilities. Tenzos strive for continuous improvement, becoming better every day through small daily habits. Drinking Tenzo is just the first of those habits! It brings focus to your mind. It brings calm to your body. It brings strength to your immune system. Find your flow state, and you’ll see more clearly what is possible. Commitment and consistency never tasted so good!

Benefits and beyond

You’ll be happy knowing that your body is receiving much-needed antioxidants every time you drink Tenzo. We recommend at least 2 cups per day to help you stay healthy, energized, and calm. These magical leaves are adaptogens, which help reduce stress and promote balance in the body. It is called a superfood for a reason! Matcha is both a prebiotic and a probiotic, so your gut will thank you. Not only will Tenzo make you feel great from all this healthy living, but it also tastes amazing!


“3 weeks after your trial kit is shipped I will shoot you an email checking in with helpful tips and help customizing your order. You can even schedule a one on one training with our team via zoom.

That means you can change the contents, quantity, delivery date or even break our hearts and cancel altogether.

We're here to make you exceptional (and this easy).”

Customer Success Team Manager

Email support@tenzotea.co anytime and we will get
back to you in under 12 hours to help.

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average rating 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
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Review posted
Reviewed by Robbie P.
Verified Buyer
Rated 5 out of 5

Great value, awesome product!

Love my bundle. It was just what I was looking for. Cool that the bottle is eco-friendly and compostable

I recommend this product
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What are the shipping times?

All orders ship within 1 business day. They ship from our warehouse in Connecticut and take between 3-7 business days to arrive after they've been shipped!

What’s the difference between Tenzo and other matcha?

Most matcha on the market is bitter, grainy, astringent, and dull in color, which means you have to add sweeteners or other additives to make it taste good. Tenzo, on the other hand, is so high-quality that it tastes great with just water.

I’ve seen other ceremonial matcha, what makes Tenzo different?

For you matcha nerds out there, Tenzo is first flush ceremonial matcha. This means we only use the youngest, most nutrient-dense leaves off the top of a shade-grown green tea plant. Our plants are grown in Kagoshima, Japan, in volcanic soil by a family of farmers that have been cultivating green tea for over 400 years.

When is the best time to drink matcha?

Most people start by swapping out their morning or afternoon coffee with Tenzo. But it's fine to drink Tenzo whenever you find yourself needing more mental clarity, energy, or focus. For the best results, use Tenzo to make similar drinks to the ones you already love. For example, black coffee = pure matcha and water. If you like adding cream and sugar, try that with Tenzo. Keep testing to discover what works and tastes best for you.

Why is matcha so expensive?

With matcha, you get what you pay for. Anything priced below Tenzo could be misleading. Most matcha on the market doesn't look right(dull and yellowish), doesn't taste good(too bitter), and doesn't make you feel good(not first-flush matcha). Tenzo was created and perfectly priced to get you the energy you need for less than a dollar a day.

Is matcha good for me?

Yes! Tenzo matcha is the perfect all-natural the combination of caffeine, L-theanine, and tons of antioxidants, matcha is great for you! It’s the perfect amount of caffeine to give you energy without the crash, jitters, anxiety or guilt. It’s got antioxidants for a quick immunity boost. And, when you need to focus, l-theanine is there for support.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes, there is about 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee in Tenzo - that’s 36mg in Tenzo, compared to about 90mg in a cup of coffee. The natural L-theanine in Tenzo provides 4-6 hours of zen-like focus without the jitters or crash.

How do I make it?

Shake, whisk or blend 1/2 tsp of Tenzo into water for matcha tea or your favorite milk for a matcha latte in 30 seconds.

Do I need any equipment?

You’ll need a whisk, shaker, blender, or frother. You don’t technically need tools, but they are recommended for a good experience or a unique recipe. Just please don’t use a spoon or fork!

Do you offer samples?

At the moment, we do not. We’re so confident that you’ll love Tenzo the second you try it that we offer a 30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantea.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Change or cancel your subscription at any time!

Does Tenzo test for radiation and other harmful heavy metals?

The short answer is, "Yes!" We understand your concern for radiation and other contaminants in the products you consume. Our supply chain is kept under a close watch and we follow Good Manufacturing Practices with every batch of matcha that we import from Japan. We have our products tested regularly for radiation and other contaminants such as heavy metals. There are no detectable levels of radiation or heavy metals found in our products.

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Diane Dillon

verified buyer

I quit coffee for matcha. It was hard at first. But Tenzo helped me succeed. I’m a new person because of it! And the packaging is so pretty and the Matcha is so yummy! I definitely recommend Tenzo!