Dominique Thompson - Customer Success | Tenzo Tea - Tenzo Matcha



You are most likely to catch Dominique singing to herself in public. She’s known to harmonize with strangers and use extraneously capacious language for fun. A true L.A. girl, she grew up on the west side and attended college in her home town’s UCLA.

While at school, Dominique studied Cognitive Science and earned a Specialization in Computing. This technical background in understanding human behavior (cognitive science) and thinking systems (computing) routinely helps her in her role of Customer Success as she tries to anticipate customer needs and further innovate the Tenzo sales processes.

Dominique loves learning, music, movies, food, friends and Matcha (of course). Her favorite part of her job is getting to connect the places she’s always loved in Los Angeles with Tenzo Tea.

When she’s not at work you can catch Dom cruising around L.A., hiking, harmonizing, learning a new recipe, or hanging out with other people’s dogs.

Dom’s Favorite Way to Consume Matcha is: Coconut milk Tenzo latte, all the way baby!

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