Tenzo Active Matcha Kit

30 Servings
Active Matcha Kit

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Contains Caffeine \\ USDA Organic \\ Paleo Friendly \\ Kosher \\ Certified Vegan \\ Gluten Free Tea \\ Non-GMO \\ No Artificial Coloring

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Mix 1/2 tsp of Tenzo with water thoroughly by whisking, shaking or blending. Consume hot or cold.

Product Benefits:

Think of Tenzo like your productivity wingman. Experience the healthy and focused energy boost found only from 100% matcha.

Better Energy

One ingredient - 100% Matcha

  • Caffeine

    A serving of Tenzo comes packed with 36 mg of natural caffeine to provide you with long-lasting energy.

  • L-Theanine

    A rare amino acid found in green tea that helps to relax the mind and improve cognitive perfomance.

  • EGCG

    A powerful catechin antioxidant that protects your body from cell damage and provides other benefits.


What is Tenzo Tea?

Simply put - Tenzo is a secret blend of organic & ceremonial matcha powder. We founded Tenzo on a mission to share better energy with the healthy lifestylers and self-optimizers of the world.

Where is Tenzo Tea grown?

Tenzo Tea is grown on the lush hills of Kagoshima, Japan. Matcha is like wine, the region and climate play a large role in the flavor and color. In the same way, wine from Napa Valley is known for its exquisite flavor, Japan is known worldwide for cultivating the smoothest & tastiest matcha. Tenzo Tea is approved USDA Organic, is free of additives, harmful pesticides, metals, and radiation.

What is the difference between Tenzo Tea and other matcha powders?

Tenzo is one of the highest quality matcha powders out there. Tenzo matcha is bright green in color, delivers a smooth & refreshing flavor, a great mouthfeel and is less bitter on the tongue (without any added sugar). Many blends of matcha in the market are low-quality blends of matcha that are yellowish in color and contain sugar to cover up the course and gritty taste. 

Does Tenzo Tea contain sugar?

No. There’s only one ingredient in Tenzo Tea. It’s 100% organic, ceremonial grade Matcha tea. We tested Matcha from all over the world to find the single best tasting matcha that doesn’t need sugar to inspire your day and delight your taste buds.

How much caffeine is in Tenzo Tea?

One serving of Tenzo Matcha (1 gram OR 1/2 tsp) contains 36 mg of caffeine. Thanks to L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps your body process caffeine more effectively, Tenzo will provide you with energy for the day without the crash of coffee.

Can Tenzo Tea give me more energy?

Oh most definitely. In fact, every employee at Tenzo Tea and many of our customers have completely stopped drinking coffee because the energy boost is simply THAT much better. The first time you try Tenzo Matcha, you'll notice this tingly feeling that starts in your toes and leaves you calm and focused. About a half hour after your first glass, you'll feel alert, energized and ready to catch flies with chopsticks. Three hours later... YOU'LL STILL FEEL GREAT!

"Tenzo matcha is perfect for everyone who wants to be productive and healthy because of it's long-lasting energy with no crash and numerous health benefits."

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Tenzo Active Matcha Kit 30 Servings