Tenzo's Holiday Gift Guide

by Dominique Thompson December 11, 2017

Tenzo's Holiday Gift Guide

Matcha for All

Do you know what the elves in the North Pole use to finish making all of the toys in time?

Matcha. They buzz around the workshop, running on nothing but clean, green, caffeine and holiday cheer ( or so I've been told from a very reputable source).    

If they are not drinking Matcha for its energy boost, they're using it for its health benefits. Elves need to fight free radicals and boost their immune just like the rest of us, especially in those harsh weather conditions of the North Pole. 

If you are finding yourself as busy this season as my buddies up North, then let Tenzo take care of all those naughty or nice on your list with these great gift ideas.  

For The Matcha Novice

 Tenzo's Blueberry or Raspberry Matcha

For your friend or family member that’s never had Matcha. They look at you sideways every time you show up with your green cup but you know that they are secretly dying to try it.

At HQ, we sometimes jokingly refer to our blueberry and raspberry as Matcha training wheels. Fruity, delicate, and sweet, both flavors gently ease you into the world of Matcha without being overpowering. They are an easy way to sneak antioxidants to even the pickiest of palettes. 

 For The Coffee Quitter

 Tenzo's Starter Kit

You’ve heard it over and over. Maybe it's from one of your parents, or your best friend from high school, but we all have that one person in our life that declares around the end of December that this is the year that they will do "it".

This will be the year when they put down the brown and finally quit coffee.

Thanks to you, this year they’ll actually succeed.

Complete with a bag of Tenzo Tea, bamboo whisk, whisk holder, bamboo scoop, and samples, the starter kit has everything they will need to deliciously wave goodbye to coffee. 

 You can show them how you left jitters, headaches, and crashes behind and encourage them to feel the improved caffeine experience of Matcha for themselves. 

 For The Tenzo on the Go

Tenzo's Holiday Bundle

Now for the go-getter in your life. The one that's always on the move, traveling, working, and generally making things happen.

Their busy lifestyle requires energy and focus but they may not always have the time to take care of themselves.

The holiday bundle allows them to take Tenzo and all of it's health benefits to-go!  They can make matcha anywhere with our custom designed Tenzo Tea Blender Bottle. 

No need for wrapping paper, the bundle comes in a gorgeous gift box, ready to toss right under the tree.

 For The Matcha Maven

Tenzo's Matcha Premium

For this refined palette only the best will do.

This connoisseur has long enjoyed the exquisite flavors and experience of Matcha Tea drinking. Their standards are high. Only our 100% organic Matcha Premium will satisfy their cravings.

Give them what they want and you'll be forever held in high esteem.  

Dominique Thompson
Dominique Thompson


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