Where Does Tenzo Matcha Come From?

Where Does Tenzo Matcha Come From?

by Steve O'Dell May 07, 2018


Have you ever had an experience that changes your life forever? You don’t know it while it’s happening - - only looking back. Well, the Tenzo team had one of those moments when we visited Japan.

We were going to see the tea fields of, at the time, our current matcha supplier. We had an amazing trip touring the country, learning about Japanese culture, and of course, matcha. On the last day of our trip, sitting on the floor of the Kyoto train station, I googled “Nearby Tea Farms and Companies” and found one that was only a short train ride away, so we hopped on and headed south.

When we arrived, much to our surprise, all we found was a small tea shop… There was an old Japanese couple sitting inside the traditional store. For the next 15 minutes, we spoke broken Japanese and tried to find out how to visit a tea farm. We used google translate, pointed on maps, and made every attempt to use sign-language in order to ask “Can you show us the tea farms?”It didn’t work.

We left empty-handed but determined to find what we were looking for: a tea farm. I googled again: “Where is the closest Tea farm” and found a small one nearby.

We started the walk and 10 minutes in, the moment happened that changed our lives. An SUV pulled up beside us and lowered the driver seat window. To our surprise, it was the old man from the shop. He motioned to get in his car. We looked at each other, shrugged, and got in.

For the next 10 minutes, we drove through the beautiful hills of Uji, Japan, and suddenly the car pulls to a stop out front of… you guessed it, a tea farm. Is this a dream? We explored the farm in complete awe. It was beautiful, awe-inspiring, magical. After 30 minutes, we got back in the car and went to another farm. Same thing, magic. And then another farm, and another. After a handful of farms and the most serendipitous day of our lives, it was time to go.

We bowed and gave thanks to the man who changed our lives. As a sign of respect, immediately prior to leaving, Brody gave the man his last business card.

A few hours later, we were back in Tokyo hopping on the train to the Narita airport. 30 minutes into the train ride, Brody got an email... It was the owner of the shop we visited. And, it turned out the business he owned was not just a shop. This man was a revered tea master - he owned his very own shops and a manufacturing facility.

He created the best ceremonial matcha we had ever seen or tasted and it was 100% organic. It blew us away. We found Tenzo Tea.

Where Does Matcha Come From?

The best matcha powder comes from the hills of Kagoshima, Japan. You can tell apart good matcha from a powder of lesser-quality by its color. Good matcha has a bright, emerald green coloration. If your matcha powder looks bright and healthy, chances are it came from Japan.

Looking for a life-changing experience? Unleash your inner potential with Tenzo Tea's organic matcha powder!

Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell


Co-founder, CEO @ Tenzo Tea | Matcha Lover | Believer in Better

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