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What's The Best Matcha?


What's The Best Matcha?

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What's The Best Matcha?

What's The Best Matcha Tea?

The best matcha tea is made with ceremonial matcha green tea powder. Ceremonial matcha powder is made from the youngest, highest quality green tea leaves whose leaves are picked during the first harvest of the season and then pruned of all stems and veins. This type of powder is the highest quality matcha available and is the best and only type of matcha that has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. The leaves of ceremonial matcha tea are then stone-ground. This process is responsible for creating the best matcha that possesses a vibrant, bright green color. Lower quality matchas are often ground in an electric jet mill. This process ends up distorting the smell and overall taste of the product.

Ceremonial matcha tea should have a mild and slightly sweet flavor while also being slightly vegetal and creamy. The texture of the best matcha tea is delicately creamy and rich, and it is best enjoyed without any additional additives. All it takes to enjoy this high-quality matcha is hot water. The best matcha green tea also has a mild grassy smell. Lower quality grades of matcha include culinary grade matcha. This grade is naturally more bitter, as its production process is not as high quality as ceremonial grade matcha.  Culinary-grade matcha powder is best baked into other types of goods. However, for drinking the purest and best quality matcha green tea powder, we recommend always sticking to those that are ceremonial grade.

Where Does the Best Matcha Come From?

The best matcha green tea powder comes from companies that source their products from the highest quality matcha farms in Japan. These farms are organic, and they do not rely on pesticides for their crops, which would affect the flavor profile of the best matcha.

Where to Buy Matcha Green Tea

There are many places where one can purchase the highest quality matcha green tea. There are many cafés and shops in major cities around the country that sell matcha. However, many of them offer inferior, lower grade matcha that is often mixed with other additives such as sugar or milk in order to mask the naturally bitter taste of this low-quality matcha. Large retail chains have been known to do this while charging more for their product than artisanal coffee shops and matcha bars that serve higher quality matcha.

Where to Buy Matcha Green Tea Powder

Some of the best ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder can be found online. Tenzo Tea offers some of the highest quality ceremonial matcha tea powder available on the market as the product is sourced straight from Japan and created using only the highest quality first harvest ingredients through a very stringent creation process.

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