Clean Green 2018 | The Active Bundle

Clean Green 2018 | The Active Bundle

by Dominique Thompson January 02, 2018

Conquer 2018 with Tenzo Tea

The new year presents the opportunity to start fresh. It's a chance to begin living your life the way you always intended. Whether you are trying to improve your health, advance your career, or generally do a little bit better for yourself, Tenzo Tea will be there for you. 

The Communitea Asked, We Answered

The Tenzo Communitea is an active bunch! We're all healthy warriors fighting to make the best decisions for our health and our bodies.

So why is our Matcha a couch potato??

Up until now, the perfect matcha moment has been limited to the comfort of the home and the much-needed help from your friend - Mr. Bamboo Whisk. But we believe Tenzo Matcha deserves to be enjoyed wherever life takes you - in the classroom, on the beach or as you climb to a mountain's top - not just in a porcelain mug on a cozy morning.

So we partnered with Blender Bottle to create the ultimate on-the-go matcha making bottle so you can take Tenzo with you on all of life’s adventures. Starting today, you can grab a bottle & matcha pair with our new Deluxe Box.

 Tenzo Shaker Bottle

Introducing the Tenzo Deluxe Box

Taking Tenzo with you just got a whole lot easier. The Active Bundle has everything you need to dive head first into those 2018 resolutions. You'll get your favorite bag of Tenzo Tea PLUS our Shaker Bottle, which has a built-in stainless steel agitator, so you can brew matcha on the go.

The Deluxe Box comes with a Tenzo Shaker Bottle and a bag of Tenzo Tea for just $65.   

Deluxe Box

Shop the Deluxe Box!


Take Tenzo Tea to go & make 2018 a year of:

Enhanced Energy

One of the first steps to conquering 2018 is having the energy each day to wake up and get moving. Matcha has got you covered with 70 mg of caffeine per serving. Within the caffeine experience* of matcha, you'll lift into a gentle hum of liveliness feeling alert, and ready to perform. You'll leave jitters, headaches, and crashes behind thanks to a special amino acid in matcha called L-Theanine*. L-Theanine takes the edge off of caffeine and provides an extended (4-6 hour) energy boost with improved cognition and attention.   

Mental Clarity

Matcha is high in L-Theanine, which is a unique set of amino acids found exclusively in green teas, and known to help the body to relax, be calmer, and reduce stress levels. L-Theanine works with caffeine to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting a relaxed state that doesn’t make you feel tired. In fact, Zen Buddhist monks drank Matcha green tea to remain calm and alert during long hours of meditation. You can implement Tenzo Tea into your daily routine to help you stay present and focused this year. Take Tenzo to work with you to help you power through that afternoon meeting, or meet the deadline on an important project. Whatever the challenge, you'll be able to handle it with some Tenzo. This year just like the monks, your mantra is to "keep calm and matcha on". 


Tenzo tea is fitness’s best friend. You can use matcha as an all natural pre-workout supplement by incorporating it into your favorite smoothie, or other workout snacks.  You’ll power through your workout with focus and increased energy. The Tenzo Shaker Bottle will look stylish peeking out from your gym bag or laying on your mat while you sweat, inspiring you to keep pushing. Even better, matcha has been shown to boost metabolism with regular intake. That's right, drinking matcha has been associated with a faster metabolism and weight loss, so if shedding pounds* is on your 2018 to do list, make sure you stock up.

Better Health

It's a no-brainer that incorporating Tenzo Tea into your daily routine will help you have a healthier 2018. Our organic Premium Matcha is packed with naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, and chlorophyll. The antioxidants in matcha* have been found to help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases, strengthen the immune system, and boost metabolism. A healthier you is only a cup away. 

Glowing Skin

The natural antioxidants in matcha green tea prevent many signs of aging by trapping and inactivating free radicals in the skin. Green Tea is also an amazing anti-inflammatory agent and has been found to effectively treat acne and rosacea. Let your skin soak up these benefits by adding matcha to your beauty routine with a DIY Face Mask or body scrub. The matcha fights and repairs damage from harmful UV rays, to improve the look and overall future health of your skin. 

You don't deserve to be tired. Beat lunchtime fatigue with Tenzo Tea's organic matcha powder!

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dominique Thompson
Dominique Thompson


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