Welcome to Tenzo Teachings!

Welcome to Tenzo Teachings!

by Steve O'Dell November 09, 2016

Hello, and welcome!

Meet Tenzo Tea, the healthiest drink on the planet. But what's next?
We asked our most dedicated Tenzo's - "What would you like to see next from the Tenzo Team?" and they responded - "We need answers!".
Some common questions were: Why is matcha powdered? How do I make it? What's different about Tenzo Matcha? How's matcha different than green tea? Can I cook with this? 
We understand that the benefits from Matcha Green Tea can be overwhelming so we started this blog, Tenzo Teachings, to help clear things up. The Tenzo Teachings will provide the clearest and most up to date information about everything Matcha. We'll frequently answer your questions, share matcha recipes, and more, all right here on Tenzo Teachings. 

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So you want energy without the crash? Learn why matcha tea is the world's most powerful drink


Steve O'Dell
Steve O'Dell


Lover of Tenzo Tea. Can you ever have too much? Tenzo Tea believes in making the world a better place one cup at a time. Join the community!

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