3 Trendy Matcha Recipes Your Menu Needs Right Now - Tenzo Tea

3 Trendy Matcha Recipes Your Menu Needs Right Now


3 Trendy Matcha Recipes Your Menu Needs Right Now

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3 Trendy Matcha Recipes Your Menu Needs Right Now

How to Sell Matcha Tea

Are you a café owner who hasn’t embraced the matcha hype yet? Given the number of people flocking from coffee to matcha, cafés all over the country are racing to get the best matcha on their menus. Matcha isn’t your usual green tea, but a specially-harvested green tea plant whose leaves are then stone-ground to make a fine, vibrant green powder. Get ready for it - - here’s how a powder so versatile can bring your menu to the next level.

The health benefits of matcha

It’s no secret that healthy food is the new hype. Some people think this means function over flavor, but there’s no reason why we can’t have both! That’s where matcha comes in. Matcha tea is packed with loads of health benefits. It is also a tea with a great flavor profile - - that is, as long as your matcha powder comes from the right place. The best matcha powder comes from Japan, and your customers can tell the difference when they order it at your shop.

Talk about a tea that helps you lose weight, supply natural energy, regulate cholesterol and heart health, strengthen your immunity, improves your liver function, detoxifies your body, lightens up your skin, is filled with antioxidant-rich compounds and puts you in a good mood overall. It has more caffeine than your regular coffee and yet none of the withdrawal effects that we’re all too familiar with (no matter how much we love it). Sound too good to be true? Well, that is exactly what matcha does! This is part of the reason why the drink is taking the country by storm.

Make Matcha Like a Pro

The tools we use to make matcha may look strange, but they are essential if you want to make the perfect cup in less time than it takes to make that medium latté you’re working on. Matcha is best served fresh - - drinks made in advance will taste quite different from those made on the spot. To make matcha, start with 2 oz of warm water - - no hotter than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Not quite boiling, but about-to-boil hot. Then, grab about a teaspoon of matcha powder (easiest with a bamboo scoop). Pour the water into a container with a flat base (any glass pyrex measuring cup will work). Then, add the matcha powder. Take your bamboo whisk, insert it straight into the container, and begin whisking in a rapid M-W motion. Do this for roughly 20 seconds and the mixture should begin to form a froth at the top.

Congratulations, you've just made a green tea shot! This is the base for all matcha-related drinks

How to Make a Matcha Latté

Once you’ve prepared this green tea shot, you can begin to combine this mixture with other liquids. Matcha lattés are by far the most popular drink in cafés all over America. They are extremely trendy and in high-demand. Think about it - - what goes into making a latté with coffee? Milk!


Matcha lattés are really similar, and they pair well with different types of milk. One thing to keep in mind is that many people who order matcha lattés are in for the health benefits. Make sure you keep coconut milk, oat milk and almond on hand at all times. They pair really well with a green tea shot.

How to Make Matcha Tea

In order to make matcha tea, you are going to want to combine water with water. Once again, prepare your green tea shot. Make sure you have hot water ready to go. Once the green tea shot is ready, mix it in with the warm water. That’s matcha green tea. Easy, eh?

Customers Want Energy

There’s just something about cafés that draws people in. Maybe it’s your customer’s office for the morning, maybe people want breakfast on-the-go, or maybe people just really love the atmosphere you’ve created in your shop. Whatever the reason is, people shop at your café for drinks that will get them started at the beginning of the day.

Know customers who come in drained mid-day? Got meetings lined up for hours? Offer them a straight green tea shot! We take them here at Tenzo HQ. They’re quick, easy and customers can take them with their friends! It’s a fun little drink that will give your customers not only a quick boost of energy, but a tremendous list of health benefits as well.

The best part is that you can make over 20 matcha shots in the same amount of time it would take to make one latte. They are virtually instant!

Matcha Makes You Stand Out

All in all, matcha is an immensely diversified green tea powder that has a unique flavor profile. It is worth looking into if you want to be the trend-setting café in your neighborhood. If you execute a matcha recipe correctly, your customers to love it - - that’s the key. There are tons of matcha suppliers out there. Do your research to see which bulk matcha supplier is right for you.

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